How to integrate scanner into your HTML5

Barcode scanning has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Accordingly, there are now numerous types of barcode scanners. Together, they cover a wide variety of applications and symbologies. And the smartphone is one of them.

Today, Barcode Scanner SDKs can be easily integrated into any iOS or Android application. They offer numerous advantages over conventional hardware scanners, including direct visual feedback and the flexibility to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes. But what if enterprises want to enjoy these benefits without a mobile app? 

Read barcodes in your HTML5 

Dedicated hardware scanners are costly to buy and maintain – especially the imager scanners needed to scan QR Codes and other modern 2D codes. Thus, more and more enterprises are deciding to use smartphones as a replacement.

Apart from enormous cost savings compared to imager scanners, mobile devices also enable direct visual feedback and modern strategies like BYOD. With these advantages, smartphones are an effective solution for streamlined digital workflows – and not just in the mobile app space. 

With a JavaScript Barcode Scanner for web applications, you can now offer employees and customers the best possible scanning experience even without a mobile app. You can integrate a Web Scanner in just one business day and take your process optimization to the next level. 

Integrate scanner into your website or web application & profit from the following advantages

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  • No app required – spare yourself expensive app development and reach all website users directly.
  • Available for both your public websites and for internal use on your private networks.
  • Scan barcodes from your websites using any camera-equipped device.

Benefits of our enterprise-grade online Barcode Reader

Whether your app is used by your employees or by your customers, you just want it to work – quickly and reliably. That’s why we developed our Web Barcode Scanner SDK using machine-learning algorithms. You can now benefit from: 

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  • Fast & accurate detection, even under difficult conditions. 
  • State-of-the-art technology with regular updates & support included. 
  • Quick integration within just 1 business day. 
  • Large range of covered barcodes. 

As you can see, modern Web Barcode Scanners offer the same advantages as their app counterparts. Maximum flexibility for numerous use cases is now a reality – whether in your mobile or your web app.

Would you like to discuss the opportunities web-based Barcode Scanning offers to your enterprise? Our experts would love to hear from you. Let’s talk.

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