Grocery list scanner: Smartphones are turning into smart shopping sidekicks

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Much of our daily life is now digital. Yet, in some areas, a lack of good digital alternatives keeps us doing things by hand. One of them is the humble shopping list. Writing and maintaining grocery lists is tedious, whether using pen and paper or a notes app. A grocery list feature inside a mobile app is the ideal solution,  and all it takes is a mobile Barcode Scanner SDK. 

Discover how the shopping list of the future works – and what advantages it offers retailers. 

Scan & Go, product recommendations, and digital grocery lists: the world of mobile apps

Retailers all over the world routinely use technology to improve customer loyalty, and the distinctions between in-store and online shopping experiences have never been blurrier. Modern approaches like Scan & Go enable customers to shop and pay without staff help. Thanks to the grocery industry’s strong emphasis on brick-and-mortar locations, such retail concepts are growing in popularity, as proven by our customer Rimi Baltic

To keep their lead on the competition, however, retail enterprises have to expand their digital offering further. Shopping apps now commonly enrich the in-store experience by offering recommendations, recipes, and reviews. All of which, eventually, increases sales. 

But what is the basis of each and every shopping trip? It’s the shopping list, of course! Let’s explore the benefits of having a digital grocery list feature in a mobile retail app.

How does a Barcode Scanner contribute to a digital shopping list?

There are several advantages to integrating a digital grocery list feature into a retail app. Before we dive deeper, though, let’s discover how this works in practice:

  1. A customer wants to add items to their in-app shopping list.
  2. They scan the needed product’s barcode with their phone. If they don’t have it at home anymore, they just type in its name.
  3. They can now set the quantity, check for available grocery coupons, and invite others to add their own items. This is a straightforward way to share grocery lists and edit them no matter where or when.
  4. Once at the grocery store, the user just checks off the digital grocery list items directly on the device. When using Scan & Go, they are automatically ticked off as they’re scanned. 

Smart devices are replacing pen & paper: the 4 core benefits

Smartphones as smart shopping sidekicks

Customer engagement: The secret to boosting customer retention is offering multiple touchpoints that keep shoppers engaged with the brands. Digital shopping lists give companies exciting opportunities to connect with shoppers creatively. 

One strategy adopted by retailers is to add gamification components to entice users to scan barcodes and save money with special discounts, awards, or customized offers. Users are excited by this gamified experience, inspiring them to use this feature and purchase new goods.

Cross- and upselling: Every store hopes to raise the average basket value of its customers, and integrating a grocery list scanner can encourage that. This feature is a natural place for retailers to add recommendations for related or complimentary products. 

Consider a scenario where a buyer adds a jar of pasta sauce to their list and is given suggestions for products like pasta, herbs, or grated cheese. Cross-selling and upselling opportunities are virtually limitless. To add further touchpoints, customers can be provided with weekly ads, reminders like “add milk to your weekly grocery list”, and recommendations for new items.

Streamlined shopping experience: Customers usually take a lot of time browsing a retailer’s aisles, carefully evaluating prices, and searching for specific items. Navigating huge grocery stores can turn into a stressful experience rather quickly. 

A digital grocery list allows shoppers to evaluate prices before they enter a physical store. Additionally, retailers can enhance such a list with helpful information such as a product’s location. To round out this seamless shopping experience, customers can complete their purchases via Scan & Go

Insights and analytics: Understanding customer behavior and preferences is essential for retail enterprises aiming to customize their product offering and marketing strategies. Digital shopping lists provide valuable data that enables businesses to understand buying trends, top items, and even the success of marketing efforts. 

This empirical approach allows retailers to make data-supported decisions, enhance product offers, and develop customer-relevant, focused marketing campaigns.


Innovation is crucial in the ever-evolving retail world, and adding a Barcode Scanner SDK to their mobile retail app can give enterprises a significant competitive advantage. 

Retailers must improve the general shopping experience by accelerating the checkout process, finding new touchpoints for cross-selling and upselling, and offering outstanding features that separate them from other stores. A grocery list feature has a lot to offer for retailers and customers both. 

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