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ChatGPT vs. LaMDA

Will Google’s LaMDA make ChatGPT obsolete?

People were quick to announce the demise of Google’s search engine at the hands of ChatGP, but this prediction is premature. Learn how Google could counter with it’s own LaMDA AI.

Fleet management strategy

Developing an effective fleet management strategy

Good fleet management is at the heart of every transportation company’s operations. Learn more about how to improve efficiency and productivity, increase driver safety, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

What is an MRZ?

What is an MRZ (machine-readable zone)?

MRZs encode information on ID cards and passports in a machine-readable format. Find out how to automatically read MRZs with data capture software.

Make or buy decision – Benefits of third-party software providers

This guide will help you make a decision between SDK and custom code and demonstrate the benefits of a Software Development Kit.

Scanbot SDK 2022 recap

2022 recap: Scanbot SDK’s year in review

We would like to cap off the year by looking back at 2022 and calling your attention to some highlights you may have missed.

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