Hospitality solutions with mobile scanning: Elevate your guest experience now!

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Digital services are a critical investment for hospitality businesses in 2023. Mobile scanning, for instance, lets you digitize countless daily processes, from check-ins to the dining experience inside your à la carte restaurants. 

The benefits are manifold: A seamless guest experience, optimal allocation of human and physical resources, reduced workloads, excellent guest ratings – and thus higher revenues.

The hotel of the future – delight your customers with a mature digital experience

The list of daily hospitality operations that you can optimize with mobile scanning capabilities is long. Getting started is simple: A Barcode Scanner SDK and MRZ Scanner SDK can be implemented in any mobile or web application for both customer-facing and internal use. 

Let’s explore three common digitization use cases in hospitality and how your business can reap the benefits.

Fast check-ins

Check-in is hampered by manual lookups and data entry – marring the guests’ first impression.Hoteliers can change that by adding MRZ and Barcode Scanning to their internal apps. Thus, staff can capture all relevant personal identification data with a single quick scan of an ID document and the guest’s QR Code displayed by the customer-facing application.

Hotels can streamline check-ins even further by allowing guests to scan their ID documents before arrival. Once they arrive at their accommodation, they only need to let the receptionist check their individual QR Code.

Smartphone check-in takes mere seconds, reduces queues, and delights guests with an extraordinary service right from the start.

Streamlined property management

In the age of Airbnb, property management needs to be efficient and cost-effective. 

Though they only require cleaning before and after a guest’s stay, maintaining a large number of short-term rental properties is a challenge for businesses that lack the necessary digital capabilities.

The solution: Equipping cleaning personnel with a dedicated mobile application that connects to the central property management system. Scanning a QR Code once a room or apartment has been cleaned takes milliseconds and lets the central system know immediately.

A better dining experience

Using their hotel’s guest application, travelers can access the digital menu by scanning the QR Code on their table. Ordering food and drink via smartphone reduces both queues and the service personnel’s workload. 

After paying by simply scanning their credit cards, the guests are prompted to leave a review, increasing engagement significantly.

App engagement can be encouraged by rewarding guests with bonus points that can be traded for discounts or additional services – which ultimately increase their loyalty.

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