We’ve teamed up with Cypher Robotics to automate inventory cycle counting

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We’re glad to announce a partnership with Cypher Robotics, a company specializing in the development and implementation of autonomous robotic solutions. By combining their state-of-the-art technologies, they aim to streamline warehousing and inventory processes in a variety of industries.

This partnership is a natural fit – after all, Cypher Robotics and Scanbot SDK share the same goal: help customers reduce costs by eliminating slow and error-prone manual processes.

The Canada-based company uses our Linux Barcode Scanner SDK in its automated inventory cycle counting systems. This lowers operating costs, eliminates human error and provides live inventory data, which enables better demand planning.

Automating tasks such as cycle counting not only ensures error-free inventory management, but also lets skilled workers spend less time on repetitive tasks. Thanks to our SDK’s offline functionality, the scanner does not need a permanent connection to a cloud or remote system. Instead, the scanning results are stored locally and transmitted to the warehouse database as soon as the autonomous robot reconnects to the docking station. Cypher Robotics estimates that this approach can decrease inventory counting time by 90%.

Read the Cypher Robotics Success Story to learn more about how its technology and the Scanbot SDK complement each other.

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