How Cypher Robotics aims to reduce their clients' inventory counting times by 90%

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Cypher Robotics is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in the development and implementation of autonomous robotic solutions. With a commitment to revolutionizing industries through advanced automation, Cypher Robotics is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technologies that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and redefine the possibilities of robotics in various sectors. Their solutions range from autonomous inventory management to precision scanning, pushing the boundaries of what robotics can achieve in the modern world.


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Automated inventory cycle counting



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Cypher Robotics needed a reliable barcode scanning solution for their automated inventory cycle counting system. This system offers its clients a host of benefits: They can reduce operating costs by automating cycle counting, improve demand planning through access to live inventory data, increase revenue by reducing stock-driven order cancellations, eliminate human error, and automate workflows without disrupting daily operations.



Cypher Robotics needed a powerful barcode scanning solution perfectly aligned with its client's systems. We suggested using our Linux Barcode Scanner SDK for maximum flexibility. Cypher Robotics now needed to demonstrate to its client the efficiency gains this switch would unlock.



Fast, reliable, and easy to implement, the Linux Barcode Scanner SDK was the perfect match for Cypher Robotics' automated inventory cycle counting system. The SDK’s features are also easy to demonstrate using just a smartphone. Cypher Robotics proved to its client that using its solution for scanning barcodes would improve its inventory processes.

Key results

Easy implementation

Collaborative integration with shared barcode expertise was successfully completed in just three weeks.

Scanbot SDK Product

High performance

Solution significantly decreases time spent on cycle counting and eliminates the typical 5% human error rate.

Predictable cost

Unlimited scans for a fixed yearly fee simplifies budgeting for Cypher Robotics and its customers.

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Scanbot SDK not only helped us identify the challenge of transitioning our client from 1D to 2D barcodes, but also instigated a crucial shift in the client’s mindset, urging them to embrace these technological advancements for heightened efficiency and effectiveness.

Stacey Connors

Head of Strategic Innovation

How Cypher Robotics aims to automate cycle counting using the Scanbot Linux Barcode Scanner SDK

Cypher Robotics chose the Scanbot SDK in part due to its compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and processor architectures. The SDK works with a diverse range of hardware configurations, making it a versatile choice for users in need of reliable and adaptable scanning technology.

Adding to its flexibility, the SDK works fully offline. Thus, instead of having to rely on a cloud or remote system, Cypher Robotics’ engineering team ran the SDK locally on their cycle counting systems, eliminating the risk of latency issues. This is a vital advantage in facilities without WiFi and enables executing tasks swiftly and efficiently. Due to this, the SDK outperformed comparable solutions.

The initial testing phase was conducted on a computer and only took one week. The implementation was completed in less than two weeks for a total of three weeks of integration time, including troubleshooting. Throughout this phase, Scanbot SDK provided Cypher Robotics with technical assistance and helped out by writing a bespoke barcode generator to be used by its client.

By showcasing the accuracy of the Scanbot SDK-powered systems, Cypher Robotics aims to demonstrate to clients that tasks such as cycle counting can be fully automated. This not only ensures error-free inventory management, but also helps skilled workers spend less time on these repetitive tasks. They can then transition into more productive and strategic organizational roles.

As a bonus, the Scanbot SDK’s barcode scanning capabilities are easy to demonstrate. There is no need to set up the system beforehand or conduct a live trial: Since every feature of the SDK is also available in the mobile version, Cypher Robotics can convey its benefits using nothing but a smartphone. This makes its value easily understandable to people of any technical background.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK into their application, Cypher Robotics aims to:

  • Achieve a 90% decrease in hours spent on inventory cycle counting for their current client 
  • Enable clients to conduct inventory counts more frequently and efficiently while decreasing overhead costs
  • Free up clients’ skilled workers to take on more productive and strategic roles

Scanbot SDK’s vision and mission statement

Our initial goal for the Scanbot SDK was for it to read all kinds of data via mobile devices – today, this has become a reality. The easy-to-integrate Barcode Scanning, Document Scanning, and Data Capture software creates virtually endless possibilities to streamline and facilitate processes for companies, employees, and customers alike, whether in retail, logistics, manufacturing, or healthcare.

We now build computer vision algorithms and machine learning models that understand all kinds of different data types. Our efforts open up even more possibilities for automated workflows that connect and process data in real time.

At the same time, we want to protect users’ personal data, which is why we opted for on-device intelligence. Scan results are encrypted before transmission to keep them safe from any outside attacks. To guarantee maximum privacy, no data is ever sent to Scanbot SDK’s or any other server.

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