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Post and parcel, retail, or travel: ID scanning is a crucial factor across industries. Smartphones turn into intelligent multi-tools by adding modern ID Scanning modules that provide your employees with cutting-edge data extraction functionalities based on precise machine learning algorithms. 

When utilizing the right ID Scan features, profitable and productive workflows that are easy to use become a reality. Let’s take a journey through various use cases and modules that contain the right features for diverse areas of application. Onboarding employees and customers has never been more accessible.

ID Scanning x Travel 

Long waiting lines, a high passenger throughput, and thus the requirement to handle processes such as confirming personal identity quickly: We all know the reality of international airports. Here, it is essential to create safe, precise, and fast procedures. As a result, we see a shift from costly, fixed, hardware scanners to modern, versatile, smartphones with integrated scanning capabilities. While conventional hardware scanners, just like smartphones, deliver accurate results quickly, they significantly exceed them in cost and the degree of maintenance. 

To keep the TCO as low as possible in the long term without compromising speed and precision, companies are increasingly turning to mobile apps with integrated tools for reading ID cards, passports, or driver’s licenses. Moreover, with today’s high-resolution smartphone cameras, qualitative results can be consistently achieved with the right software, even from challenging angles or under poor lighting conditions. Even better: by integrating additional QR Code Scanning software, mobile devices become intelligent multi-tools that can thus also cover boarding pass scanning. 

ID Scanning x The last mile 

Age verification plays an increasingly important role in the last mile, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 16% of citizens in the US intend to purchase alcoholic beverages online in the future, according to Statista. Around tobacco, too, the proportion of those planning to order products online has risen by around 8%

Due to the general increase in parcel deliveries and the expanded volume of orders in age-restricted products, efficient age verification solutions that provide accurate results are more crucial than ever before. Workflows are slowed down massively due to manual or visual verification of ID documents, especially as age verification data must be stored and archived in many countries, which requires the driver to both check the document and capture the information digitally. To maintain customer satisfaction, carriers need to establish workflows that guarantee a frictionless delivery process, especially within the last mile. 

But speed and accuracy are not the only vital factors; personal security has also taken on a whole new meaning due to the coronavirus. Contactless processes are essential here to ensure the safe delivery of goods. 

Contemporary smartphones are ideal for ensuring delivery processes that are contactless, fast, and reliable at the same time. With today’s high camera quality in smartphones, these devices offer a perfect solution for mobile age verification. Combined with modern scanning software based on machine learning, drivers can extract all relevant data fields of various ID documents and send the information to the back-end, where it gets stored in digital archives. Flexible solutions cover different ID document types, such as passports, driver’s licenses, or regular ID cards.

Transportation companies can also streamline new employees’ onboarding, thanks to ID scanning software for mobile apps. BYOD models allow new employees to immediately join the workflow and use the necessary app on their own mobile devices. In addition, temporary and seasonal employees can verify themselves independently, without transferring copies of their ID documents to the back-end. 

ID Scanning x Customer onboarding 

Through mobile verification, companies can achieve significant time and cost savings in customer onboarding as well. For example, cell phone contracts can be concluded online within a few minutes without sending in a copy of the ID or presenting it at a branch office. 

Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, digital solutions that enable clients to handle bureaucratic processes from their homes’ comfort have become the new standard. Customers are now used to completing processes entirely digital via their smartphones. To guarantee high customer satisfaction and loyalty even after the pandemic, companies must digitize all administrative processes wherever possible and make them accessible to customers via mobile apps. 

Scanbot’s ID Scanning solutions 

Now that you’ve read plenty about the application areas and benefits of mobile ID scanning solutions, let’s look at the specific features and benefits of Scanbot’s ID scanning solutions. With our software, your team and customers can extract personal information from international identification documents within seconds. 

With Scanbot’s ID scanning software, you can turn almost any smart device with a camera into a powerful ID scanner that supports various identity documents. You can integrate the SDK into any native iOS-/Android application or via a hybrid development platform within one business day. 

With our solutions being based on machine learning, you can extract the following information from various ID documents: 

  • Machine-readable zones (MRZ): Most international documents such as ID cards, visas, or passports contain a Machine-readable zone on the back- or frontside, which allows you to extract information such as given name, document type, nationality, or date of birth. 
  • Driver’s licenses: Scanbot offers Driver’s License Scanning based on OCR Scanning and our Barcode Scanner SDK, depending on the issuing country of the license. All relevant information can be captured and saved for further processing.

Scanbot’s mobile ID scanning modules speed up your processes by reducing error rates caused by manual data entry and guaranteeing stable and accurate results. Lower your TCO by exchanging expensive and maintenance-intensive hardware scanners and onboard your customers onto your new digital workflow. 

Want to learn more about our cutting-edge scanning solutions and experience them in a live demo? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s talk.

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