Pet insurance – how to submit vet bills within just a few seconds

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Premium volumes for pet insurance in the United States have been on the rise throughout the past decade. According to Statista research, the numbers have almost quadrupled in the past eight years. High amounts of claims equal enormous amounts of paperwork that insurance clients and pet insurers alike have to handle most efficiently. Document scanning functionalities inside your mobile application or website enable fast transmission of veterinary bills and create frictionless, easy-to-use workflows that enable short turnaround times and increase customer satisfaction. 

Which challenges do pet insurance providers face regarding their claims management? 

Filing a claim can be a tricky and time intense matter, independent of the type of insurance a client is dealing with. But it is a critical moment in the relationship of an insurer with its insured. The first time an insured person is handling a claim is considered a “make or break” event. At this point, the client fully experiences and rates their carrier’s case processing and customer service for the first time. Once they face friction or dissatisfaction within this process, insureds are likely to search for a different provider with better service offerings and overall claims management. 

As highlighted in the introduction, pet health insurers have been dealing with tremendous increases in customers, increasing workload, and processing claims for several years now. In order to handle those rising numbers of claims, most pet insurers have introduced mobile apps by now, allowing their clients to manage their claims digitally. Document transmission is often performed by uploading photos of veterinary bills via the app, often resulting in low-quality results due to user error, insufficient phone cameras, or bad angles and lighting. 

Friction during the claims management resulting from poorly digitized documents leads to extended waiting periods, requiring extensive communication between the client and the insurance clerks, resulting in low customer satisfaction rates.  Poor digital claims management makes pet owners more likely to opt for carriers with a more streamlined customer service and claims administration. 

Error-free transmission of veterinary bills with the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK

Pet insurers can tackle those issues by implementing cutting-edge document scanning modules into their application. The Scanbot Document Scanner SDK provides the perfect solution for either mobile or web-based applications.

Mobile scanning functionalities enable insurance clients to create flawless document scans of veterinary bills or any other document they need to submit in seconds. Even inexperienced users do not need to worry about the use of the scanner components, as our user guidance leads anybody into the perfect scanning positions. Quality-enhancing filters, auto-cropping and -rotation, and perspective correction guarantee flawless results suitable for automated back-end OCR processing. Claims processing is now no longer hindered by insufficiently digitized documents.

Various output formats and a customizable UI allow you to design a workflow that perfectly fits your company’s individual needs. 

Rising amounts of MAUs, a constant increase in the number of claims, and high quantity of paperwork – no unexpected expenses with Scanbot’s fixed pricing model 

You cannot precisely estimate how your monthly active users (MAUs) or the number of scanned documents will develop in the future? No problem! The Scanbot SDK’s fair licensing model operates independently of volume-based variables. Installation, updates, bug fixes, new functionalities, and customer support are all included in the annual fee, which means there are no additional costs for you at any time.

We don’t punish your company’s success with mobile scanning – no matter how your user base and the amount of documents scanned might increase within the licensing period: the fee does not change. 100% calculable pricing for the highest quality document scanning software. 

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