White label solution for mobile scanning – Customizable to your CD

About two months ago, we have implemented an important extension: A ready-to-use white label user interface, or UI for short. This allows your developers to integrate essential components of a Scanner SDK into your project, customized to your Corporate Design, within one working day.

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What is a white-label solution?

A white-label solution is a product that is used under different names by different companies but originates from the same manufacturer. In the digital world, it can be either a product or a service. It is developed by one provider and then integrated into their online presence or mobile apps by different companies. From the outside, one can not recognize that the service comes from another manufacturer. The Scanbot SDK is the perfect example for this: Our scanner components are used by about 200 companies worldwide in their mobile applications, but most of them are personalized in a way that makes them look like a proprietary feature.

Which aspects of the user interface can be customized using a white label solution?

Your developers can modify the color of text and other displayed elements with our ready-to-use UI, and fully customize it to your Corporate Design.

How long does it take to integrate a White Label SDK?

Our White Label Scanning UI can be integrated into your company’s app within a day and customized to your design. Whether document scanner, barcode scanner, or text recognition (OCR) – all use cases can be covered with the ready-to-use UI.

Initially, these were only released for the standalone Scanbot SDK, but the UI integration for cross-platform wrappers followed shortly afterward. Our customers’ first reactions were extremely positive, as they could reduce the time to integrate the scanner by weeks! All Scanbot SDK customers can use this new feature at no additional cost. Our team regularly updates the new UI as well as the standard components. So you will always be able to use both options: The fast integration through the ready-to-use UI for all platforms or fully-customizable scan functionalities on iOS and Android.

It can take weeks to develop flexible, user-friendly, and modern UI. Since our former Scanbot B2C App users have already tested many workflows and commands, we decided to create a standard UI using this accumulated knowledge.

This is also a game-changer for cross-platform wrappers like Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, and many more. You can now easily update the scan capabilities to unlock new features. We have recently added several new functionalities to the wrappers mentioned above, and due to the high demand, we are now updating them much faster.

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