6 ways to use barcode scanning in and outside the classroom in 2024

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The education sector is constantly evolving, and technology has significantly shaped the way we teach and learn. A survey by BlinkLearning found that 83% of teachers use digital tools in their daily classroom activities.

Barcodes and barcode scanning are not a new concept anymore. We encounter them in various aspects of our daily lives, from grocery shopping to event flyers and restaurant menus. Barcodes have proven to be highly adaptable and user-friendly.

As we delve into the potential applications of barcodes within the education sector, let’s take a look at what barcodes are and how they work. 

Barcodes and how they work

At their most basic, barcodes store numbers, words, or other data as visual patterns. In simpler variants, that pattern is a series of black lines and white spaces of varying widths. Modern two-dimensional codes typically use small squares instead.

When it comes to how barcodes work, the basic principle is simple:

The scanner turns the light bouncing off the black and white areas into an electrical signal. This signal is then translated into the information the code represents, like a product’s name and price in a store or a book’s ID in a library.

Since its introduction, this technology has evolved a lot – both the codes themselves and the scanners. Compared to traditional laser scanners, camera-based mobile scanners, which can also be integrated into smartphone apps using an SDK, offer enhanced capabilities, especially when dealing with QR codes. 

Now that we have a basic understanding of barcodes and how they work, let’s explore how they can improve education.

Access to learning material

A key use of barcode scanning in education is easy access to course material. For instance, educators can share digital resources via QR codes in textbooks or other lecture materials. This is a very convenient way for students to access additional learning resources, and so helps them in their studies.

Connect and collaborate 

Many areas of education heavily depend on effective collaboration. Barcode scanning helps students easily connect with their classmates or teachers in digital learning settings. By scanning QR codes associated with study groups or social events, students can quickly join online discussion forums, group chats, or virtual meet-ups. This facilitates collaboration and fosters a sense of community.

Expand learning opportunities

Barcode scanning creates learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. Schools and the places they visit can utilize QR codes for trips. For example, they can use them to connect students to more information about historical places, museums, and art galleries. This helps enhance students’ learning and expands their knowledge.

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Device management 

Effective device management is crucial in the education sector, and a very practical approach is to label school equipment with barcodes. Barcode scanning simplifies tracking and managing devices such as laptops, tablets, and other classroom technology, ensuring they are available and in good condition when needed.

Equipment loaning

Schools and universities that offer equipment loans can use barcode scanning to streamline the borrowing and returning process and to update their inventory in real time. Students can quickly check out and return laptops, projectors, or scientific equipment through a simple barcode scan, reducing administrative overhead.

Student ID cards

Student IDs are invaluable not only for tracking equipment but also for ensuring the safety of students. Modern student ID cards include QR codes, which makes them highly versatile tools for applications such as access control, library checkouts, or cashless payments on campus.

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