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A new and revamped demo version of our Scanbot Data Capture SDK is now available for free on the App Store and Play Store. Our SDK eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry by enabling users to extract data as key-value pairs from various document types. These include ID cards, passports, checks, driver’s licenses, EHICs, medical certificates, checks, and more. In addition, the fully configurable single-line data scanner module allows capturing virtually any line of characters, e.g., serial numbers and license plates.

The app demonstrates the functionalities of the Scanbot SDK, which over 200 companies already use in their mobile apps to capture data accurately. Using machine learning and computer vision technology, the SDK provides features for reliable data extraction from ID documents.

The demo’s intuitive interface allows even less tech-savvy users to easily capture data quickly and reliably. On-screen guidance tells users what to scan, when they need to flip the document (e.g., when capturing ID cards), and confirms successful scans. Users can automatically extract data from various document types within seconds – taking the hassle out of manual data transfer.

With its variety of data extraction functions, the Scanbot Data Capture SDK covers almost all data extraction use cases. By integrating the SDK into their mobile app, enterprises can have their customers and employees extract data from almost any ID and travel document in the world – making identification rapid and reliable. The check scanner simplifies cashing and processing the check in the back office. Furthermore, insurance companies can significantly speed up customer onboarding and improve the experience with mobile EHIC scanning. 

The SDK scans and extracts data entirely offline – all processing happens on the end user’s device. It never connects to any third-party server, which makes it a secure solution for mobile key-value pair data extraction.

“Scanbot SDK: Data Capture” is now available for iOS and Android, joining the recently released demo apps for the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK and the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK.

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