Introducing the new Barcode Scanner Demo App for iOS and Android

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We released a new demo app to showcase the capabilities of our fast and reliable Barcode Scanner SDK. The “Scanbot SDK: Barcode Scanning” app is now available for free on the App and Play Store

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK turns any smartphone, tablet, or wearable device into a reliable and easy-to-use barcode scanner. It utilizes machine learning and computer vision technology to deliver fast and accurate scanning results in just 0.2 seconds. The demo app demonstrates the speed and reliability customers can expect when integrating the SDK into their own mobile or web apps.

With the app, users can scan 1D and 2D barcodes individually and in batches. With the “Multiple Scanning” feature, several barcodes and even different barcode types can be scanned in one go. For special use cases, the demo app offers “Tiny Barcodes” and “Distant Barcodes” scanning modules, which use a locked camera focus and a zoomed-in finder view, respectively.

A highlight of the demo app is the new optional AR overlay, which massively improves the barcode scanning user experience. It displays the contents of the barcodes on the user’s screen in real time, which makes it easy to get a quick overview of multiple codes. It can also be configured to only highlight an item with a specific barcode. This allows exciting new use cases, e.g. delivery workers getting visual assistance about which individuals package in a sea of packages to grab for delivery. Tapping on the text output brings up details about the individual barcode, including its type, the date of the scan, and its value in a readable format and in raw bytes.

The “Scanbot SDK: Barcode Scanning” app is now available for iOS and Android. New demo apps for the Document Scanner SDK and Data Capture SDK are also in development and will be released this year.

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