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A short time ago, we announced significantly improved image filters for our Document Scanner SDK. Now, you can try them directly in any modern browser with our new Document Filters Demo.

The enhanced filters help your users create document scans that are even easier to read for humans and machines, and on average 50% faster than before. They can be applied both to images captured by the SDK and to those imported from the device gallery.

In this web app, you can test how our auto-crop and image filters ensure that your users’ scan results fit your backend’s requirements. Low-contrast documents (e.g., with colored paper or gray text) and images captured in dark or very bright environments now pose even less of a challenge.

Our Color Document Filter brightens the image and enhances its contrast. Use it for documents containing more than just text, where conserving color is important. The Grayscale Filter improves readability by turning the document into shades of gray.

If you are optimizing for OCR, try the Binarization Filter. It reduces the image’s color depth to black-and-white, improving machine readability. This filter performs well in most document scanning cases that involve text on paper. 

The binarization filter can be tailored with four presets, each increasing performance in specific areas (e.g., processing speed or shadow handling). In our filter demo, you can try which one fits your use case best.

You can further tune the filters depending on whether the binarized documents will be processed by employees or by backend software. There are two main settings: Antialias makes text characters more pleasing to the human eye by smoothing the edges, while Denoise facilitates OCR by removing tiny image artifacts from binarized scans.

The Scanbot SDK team will gladly help you find the best filter configuration for your use case. For example, our customers in the transportation industry typically configure their filters for scanning colored documents with gray text, since this is a common combination in the sector.

The Scanbot Document Filters Demo is now available to try for free. The new image filters are part of the latest version of the Document Scanner SDK for Android and iOS.

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