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After releasing a browser-based demo version of our Barcode Scanner SDK last year, we’re now following up with the Web Document Scanner Demo. It lets you test our Document Scanner SDK in any modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

Scan the QR code to try out the demo!

With the Scanbot Web Document Scanner SDK, your users can easily create high-quality images of physical documents and turn them into digital input for your backend. No native iOS or Android app is required, since you can easily integrate the SDK into any website or web app.

The Web Document Scanner gives your users the option to scan a document with the device camera or import an image from storage.

They can also choose whether they want to press the shutter button manually or use the automatic capture feature, which automatically scans a document as soon as it is in focus and aligned correctly. This is especially useful when scanning several pages in quick succession with the multi-page feature.

After a successful scan, the image is automatically cropped. Various image filters can also be applied, ensuring the result matches your backend’s requirements. These include bespoke filters for color and grayscale documents, binarization options, and low-light compensation.

Users can save the result in their scan history (stored in the browser cache) or export it as PDF, TIFF, PNG, or JPG files.

For our customers in the insurance industry especially, letting users scan and upload documents from a web browser is an immense benefit. The automatic capture feature ensures that only high-quality scans make it to the backend. This increases automatic processing rates and thus leads to significant cost savings.

The Scanbot SDK Web Document Scanner Demo is now available to try out for free. You can also trial the full version of the Web Document Scanner SDK by integrating it into your web application.

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