Integrate barcode scanning into your app in record time with our new RTU UI v.2.0

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We’ve significantly improved the Ready-To-Use UI Components of our iOS and Android Barcode Scanner SDKs. It’s now even easier to provide your users with an intuitive scanning interface without having to build it yourself!

Adapt the UI components to suit your needs

In addition to a new design, the RTU UI v.2.0 comes with new configuration options that you can use to quickly adapt its visual appearance:

  • Using the new palette feature, you can easily define a color palette for your UI components to match your brand design. You don’t have to set each component’s color individually.
  • Text elements like the on-screen user guidance can be adapted in wording, position and color.
  • You can choose how to display the top bar in your app: transparent or filled.
  • A zoom button, a button to switch cameras, and a button to use the device’s built-in flashlight are now included out of the box. As part of the UI’s new action bar, these buttons are always at the users’ fingertips.

Android developers will be glad to hear that the Android Barcode Scanner SDK’s UI components are now based on Jetpack Compose – the recommended UI toolkit for Android development – and can be easily used with Compose-based apps.

Scanning modes for every use case

The RTU UI v.2.0 now supports multiple barcode scanning use cases, which makes it easier to adapt the Barcode Scanner SDK’s functionalities to your specific needs:

  • Single barcode scanning with and without a confirmation dialog
  • Multiple barcode scanning with either a barcode result list at the bottom of the scanning screen or a button that calls up the result list
  • Scan & Count: Scan multiple barcodes at once and count repeated ones

Scan & Count also supports two display modes: One with a collapsed list of scanned barcodes and one with just a scan button.

Display product information right in your scanning interface

In some use cases, you may want to display information connected to a barcode’s value directly to the user. That’s why we’ve added the option to show this data right in the scanning interface.

For example, you can show a product image next to the article number encoded by the barcode.

Example of the RTU UI v.2.0 in action

This feature is also available for the SDK’s AR Overlay, making it even easier for users to look up further information about the items they scan. 

For example, if you connect the SDK to an inventory management system, pointing the camera at a product’s barcode can reveal the remaining stock in the warehouse directly in the scanning interface.

Example of the RTU UI v.2.0 in action

Get started with the RTU UI v.2.0

As a Scanbot SDK customer, you can start using the revamped UI components immediately for the iOS and Android Barcode Scanner SDK. These changes will be available for our cross-platform frameworks at the end of Q2 2024. If you need any assistance, reach out to our Customer Success team at

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