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Integrate a fast and reliable Barcode Scanner SDK into your web applications

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Fast and reliable barcode scanning for your website

With our web-based barcode scanner, you can easily add barcode scanning capabilities to your website or web app. Our SDK reads all common barcode symbologies and delivers fast and accurate detection even in challenging conditions.

Thanks to our customizable Ready-To-Use UI Components (RTU UI), you can integrate the Web Barcode Scanner SDK into your website in less than an hour. All our customers receive direct developer support. Simply connect with your Customer Success Manager or our support engineers via Slack or Teams.

Developed for real-world scenarios

Scan barcodes reliably even in challenging conditions, such as:

  • Damaged barcodes
  • Low-light environments
  • Tiny or distant barcodes
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0.2s per scan

Customizable UI components

Our Ready-To-Use UI components cover all barcode scanning scenarios and are highly customizable.

No server connection

Our SDK transmits no data. This guarantees complete data security.

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Build a faster, more reliable scanner

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Discover common barcode scanning use cases

See how the Scanbot Web Barcode Scanner SDK’s scan modes improve your workflows

  • Single Scanning

    Ideal for simple activities where only a single barcode needs to be scanned, such as re-ordering a product or a stock lookup.

  • Batch Scanning

  • Multi Scanning

  • Find & Pick

  • Scan & Count

Fixed pricing

Fixed pricing

Unpredictable costs are frustrating. The Scanbot SDK comes with a flat annual fee that includes everything, without limits on users or scans.

No server processing

No server processing

Our SDK transmits no data. Everything happens locally. This guarantees complete data security.

Enterprise support

Enterprise support

Directly connect with your dedicated Customer Success Manager and our support engineers via Slack or Teams.