How VakıfBank saves $1,000,000 annually with the Scanbot SDK



VakifBank Success Stories

VakıfBank is Turkey’s second-largest bank in terms of asset size and loans. Its modern banking products and services cater to the corporate, commercial, and private banking sectors. The company’s mission is to manage and utilize assets efficiently and in line with economic development needs. Employing the principles of modern banking, VakıfBank contributes to Turkey’s increasing savings rate.


Finance & Banking

Company Size

22,000 employees

Use Case

Mobile submission of banking documents



Development Platform




VakıfBank wanted to enable digital document submission via its mobile app to meet modern client expectations. By integrating this functionality, VakıfBank sought to improve customer happiness and mobility while decreasing wait times, personnel workload, and the costly use of traditional scanners.



VakıfBank’s existant workflows depended on traditional hardware scanners. Lacking a digital alternative, customers had to visit a local office to submit any required paperwork. Additionally, frequent failures of the hardware scanners in the numerous branches led to a significant accumulation of annual downtime, leaving customers unsatisfied with the overall experience. Hardware scanners are also costly to acquire and maintain, and impose a high workload on employees.



Scanbot’s Document Scanner SDK enables VakıfBank’s customers to submit documents via their Android application. Thanks to the simple scanning interface and the immediate transfer of the digital copies, this is a quick and smooth process. Customers can now complete transactions wherever they are, resulting in great satisfaction and stronger loyalty.

Key results

Scanbot SDK Cost Efficient

$1,000,000 saved annually


Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

50% faster scanning


Barcode Scanning Solution

2,500 fewer error reports per year


VakifBank Success Stories

Integrating the Scanbot SDK into our application took us only three weeks and left us with countless benefits. The high-quality scanning components helped us boost customer satisfaction while significantly reducing costs – we are delighted about how this project turned out.

IT Research & Development Team

Before & After: VakıfBank’s streamlined document transmission workflow with the Scanbot SDK

Because of the previously mentioned problems, such as long wait times, technical challenges, and dissatisfied customers, VakıfBank sought a solution that allows its clients to easily submit documents via their smartphones.

Scanbot’s Document Scanner SDK, with its detailed user guidance, ensures that even inexperienced users scan documents in excellent quality. The automatic snapping and the reliable scanning on white surfaces are particularly useful for VakıfBank’s app users.

Let’s look at the previous, inefficient workflow based on conventional hardware scanners compared to the optimized process enabled by the Document Scanner SDK.

Hochhäuser - Büros in Paris

VakıfBank’s workflow prior to using the Scanbot SDK

  1. A customer brings the required banking documents to the local branch office.
  2. Here, an employee first opens the internal application.
  3. Then, they scan the documents using a conventional hardware scanner.
  4. They now convert the documents to Base64.
  5. Finally, they upload them to the internal document management system.

VakıfBank’s workflow after integrating the Document Scanner SDK

  1. A customer opens the VakıfBank mobile app.
  2. They scan their documents using the integrated Document Scanner SDK.
  3. The documents are uploaded directly to the document management system.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK into its mobile app, VakıfBank…

…eliminated 22,500 hours of annual downtime.

Scanbot SDK’s vision and mission

Our initial goal for the Scanbot SDK was for it to read any text-based information via mobile devices – today, this has become a reality. The easy-to-integrate software creates virtually endless possibilities to streamline and facilitate processes for companies, employees, and customers alike, whether in document management, onboarding, sales, or HR.

We now use computer vision algorithms and machine learning models that understand all kinds of complex document types to open up even more possibilities for automated workflows that connect and process data in real time.

At the same time, we want to protect users’ personal data, which is why we opted for on-device intelligence. Scan results are encrypted before transmission to keep them safe from any outside attacks. To guarantee maximum privacy, no data is ever sent to Scanbot’s or any other server.

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