.NET MAUI Barcode Scanner

Mobile Data Capture for apps built with .NET MAUI

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Add a fast, reliable barcode scanner to your mobile app

Our .NET MAUI Barcode Scanner SDK provides simple-to-use high-level APIs for scanning and parsing 1D and 2D barcodes with mobile device cameras.

With our Ready-To-Use UI (RTU UI) components, you can integrate the .NET MAUI Barcode Scanner SDK into your mobile app in less than an hour. Integration assistance is available through a dedicated Slack channel.

Our team of support engineers stands ready to assist you via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.



Discover common barcode scanning use cases

See how the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDKs scan modes can improve your workflows.

  • Single Scanning

    Ideal for simple activities where only a single barcode needs to be scanned, such as re-ordering a product or a stock lookup.

  • Batch Scanning

  • Multi Scanning

  • Find & Pick

  • Scan & Count

  • Barcode Vision