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Data protection – The key essential for a digital workflow

Scanbot aims to digitalize your workflow to increase convenience and efficiency for both your employees and your customers. But the more society dives into the prospects of digitalizing physical documents and making them part of a comprehensive digital network, the more essential it becomes to ensure that the highest privacy standards are applied. Learn more about Scanbot’s measures to keep your data safe at any given time. 

"The future is digital"

This phrase promises a new way of working and a more convenient lifestyle than ever known. It is essential to offer user-friendly workflows when trying to stand up to the competition. Still, lots of companies are afraid of this change, as data leaks and exposed information continue to happen frequently. 

Insurance, healthcare, banking, or logistics - regardless of the branch you’re working in, every step of the working process contains sensitive information. It is vital to protect this information at all costs to create trust and a safe environment für customers, clients, patients, and your own company and staff. Creating a secure digital workflow means putting in lots of time and effort into the design of privacy measures right from the beginning. Our software development kit creates a safe space for your data and leaves no room for worries.

How Scanbot ensures highest privacy standards

As we offer a software component that gets in touch with unfiltered, highly sensitive data, we have planned data protection from the very beginning. Let’s take a look at how Scanbot ensures the highest data protection:

  1. No third-party servers: We do not send any of the information scanned with our SDK to third-party servers nor our servers. The data stays solely on the end user’s device so that you can decide which data you need to send to your servers and how—no need to fear man-in-the-middle or external attacks.
  2. On-device intelligence: We’ve designed the SDK to be a stand-alone component right from the beginning. That’s why it’s 100% safe to use it, even with the most sensitive data.

This solution makes the Scanbot SDK GDPR, DSGVO, and CCPA compliant, and it is, therefore, suitable for any sector dealing with highly sensitive data such as banking, insurance, or accounting.  

New approaches to customer verification

But it’s not only the measurements we take as a company to protect your sensitive data. The Scanbot SDK can also be used to increase safety within your app. To bring customer verification on step further, we offer the MRZ Scanner SDK that extracts information from passports, ID cards, and visas. By implementing these features, you can ensure a safe and convenient customer verification within a few seconds. Health insurers can integrate an EHIC Scanner to add a supplementary level in customer verification, supporting the method of entering the user name and password to log into an account. 

Data protection can be a difficult task, no matter if it’s for businesses or end-users. Making the right decisions is crucial for a trusting relationship between companies and their customers. 

In case you are interested in adding the Scanbot SDK to your secure digital network, feel free to contact our experts. We'd love to create the perfect solution for you. Let's talk.

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