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Following the web demos of our Barcode and Document Scanner SDKs, we’ve now released the Web Data Capture Demo. You can test our SDK’s Data Capture modules in any modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. For best results, scan the QR code below and use this demo on a smartphone.

Scan the QR code to try out the demo!

With the Scanbot Data Capture SDK, your users can extract data from various structured documents. Instead of error-prone manual data entry, you get reliable automatic key-value pair extraction – ideal for processing in your app or backend. The modules run without external server connections, ensuring complete data security. 

Your users can scan documents and data directly with their devices’ camera.

The MRZ Scanner extracts data from machine-readable zones on IDs, passports, and other identity documents. It captures all relevant data fields (e.g., document ID, name, expiry date) and returns them as key-value pairs (e.g., key = “surname”, value = “Smith”). Similarly, our US Driver’s License Scanner parses the PDF417 barcodes on driver’s licenses and presents the data in a human-readable format.

The Data Scanner modules feature a generic text recognizer that scans small text blocks in real time. It can be tailored to various uses: In our Web Data Capture Demo, you can scan both any single line of text with the Text Scanner any single-line number with the Number Scanner, e.g.,  insurance numbers or IBANs. Text Pattern Matching identifies and extracts text segments that match pre-defined patterns. You can, for instance, extract all text in a scanned document that is formatted like an email address. 

With the VIN Scanner module, your users can instantly capture vehicle identification numbers directly from the truck or car. Its fast and reliable automatic data extraction makes it perfect for use cases such as fleet management. The Scanbot Web Data Capture Demo is now available for free. Are you unsure if we cover your use case yet? Our team will gladly help you meet new challenges. You can also trial the full version of the Data Capture SDK by integrating it into your web application.

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