5 benefits of document digitization you need to know about in 2022

Intuitive, easy-to-implement solutions for document digitization are now more in demand than ever. And even aside from the global health crisis and the more flexible work structures needed to cope with it, digital document management is essential to optimizing your business processes in 2022. Let’s dive into the 5 most significant benefits that digitizing your documents brings to your business.

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Say goodbye to outdated paper-based processes and leverage digital document management

By digitizing your documents, you can reap the full benefits of digital document workflows. Here are the 5 key advantages:

Direct availability of information: By digitizing documents, you can make information instantly available to all employees. A digital, internal database offers maximum flexibility – no matter where your employees are. Physical files no longer have to be sent by mail or fax, a vital advantage in the age of remote work. Here, digital document transmission is the key to real-time information flow.

On top of that, digitization makes it much easier to located specific documents: with just a few clicks, they can be retrieved immediately. If your digitization workflow also integrates OCR text recognition, your internal database can be searched for individual keywords, such as a date or transaction number.

Business efficiency: Processes based on paper documents often encounter time-consuming roadblocks. The main problems are documents lost or delayed in the mail, misfiled or lost in storage, or damaged at any point. Thus, relying on paper-based workflows causes both increased workload and high costs. If companies remain bound up in paper-based processes, they miss out on valuable opportunities to sustainably optimize their business processes and future-proof them.

Storage space: Space is always at a premium, whether at home or in professional settings. And file cabinets for paper documents are extremely bulky. Thus, in large companies, entire floors may be dedicated to physical document storage. This increases costs massively, as larger spaces need to be rented to store all records properly. Document digitization is the right way to reduce the necessary storage area. This way, you can realize immense cost savings. You could also put the reclaimed office space to more productive use.

Employee satisfaction: Streamlined processes make everyday work much easier. Complicated, error-prone processes cause frustration and lead to dissatisfied employees. Besides efficiency, Document Digitization also increases employee satisfaction, and thus productivity, by enabling streamlined, easy-to-use solutions.

Data security: Paper files are easily lost and so may fall into the wrong hands, whether in the mail or even within a company. State-of-the-art technology enables bullet-proof encryption of sensitive information, while 2-factor authentication protects employee accounts from unauthorized access. Modern software solutions that are compliant with international data protection guidelines such as the GDPR and CCPA ensure optimal data protection.

What is the best way to efficiently digitize paper documents?

Conventional hardware scanners are still very popular. However, for a flexible, digital workflow, employees need to be able to digitize documents anywhere, whether in the home office, on business trips, or in the field.

According to Statista, 85% of Americans own a smartphone. Users always have their mobile device with them and already use it for numerous professional and private activities. So why not use it to digitize documents? BYOD strategies take advantage of this.

With a Document Scanner SDK in your enterprise app, your employees can intuitively digitize documents in high quality within milliseconds, no matter when or where. Additional OCR capabilities turn them into searchable, editable formats and enable workflow automation.

Would you also like to benefit from document digitization? Our experts look forward to working with you to find the optimal solution for your individual use case. Let’s talk.

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