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In today’s greatly digitized world, companies are required to achieve the highest level of efficiency in all processes along the value chain to remain competitive. Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the numbers of e-commerce activities increased rapidly, companies realized their high digitalization potential regarding internal processes. In particular, ordering- and reordering processes, which are still characterized by manual activities, should be highlighted. In this blog post, we are going to show you how the Scanbot Barcode Reader SDK contributes to the transformation of ordering processes and inventory management, thus massively increasing the time- & cost efficiency of enterprises. Turn any smartphone into a handheld barcode scanner in no time! 

Inefficient & old-fashioned ordering processes

Especially in B2B ordering processes, issues occur on the regular. Products are often very similar but differ in their materials and functions, which can lead to incorrect orders made by the respective purchaser. The resulting errors and following returns end up generating high costs for the respective retail business.

Although most companies have already replaced their physical catalogues with digital ones at this point, this solution is no longer efficient enough for B2B usage which demands highly digitized processes. Searching for, and ordering, products manually within online portals produces impairments and inefficiencies at many steps along the user journey.

Mobile devices are perfectly fit for data capture and can lead to a remedy here. Everyone owns a smartphone, knows exactly how it works and loves to use it. Why not use it to digitize and fundamentally improve the ordering process? Shorter onboarding times and higher employee satisfaction are perfect arguments for implementing smartphone-based workflows. 

Scanbot SDK-enabled ordering processes

By integrating the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK into your mobile or web application, you can solve existing problems and inefficiencies by transforming your ordering processes. You might ask yourself what benefits you could get out of a mobile barcode scanning solution, right? Here are the two most important advantages of our solutions: 

Fastest and most efficient reordering processes

The easiest way to reorder a product is to scan its respective barcode, allowing it to be identified and reordered directly at the point of scan. With the Scanbot SDK you’re enabled to profit from the fastest and most accurate barcode scanning solution in your app. Unlike old-fashioned, time-consuming, and error-prone ordering processes, the SDK makes it possible to order in four simple steps:

Are you wondering how this solution works specifically? Take a look at our infographic about restocking in the retail industry!

Simplify the onboarding of new employees

The general mobile phone ownership rate has never been higher than today. Accordingly, using a smartphone app with integrated scanning functionalities for ordering processes is the easiest way for any employee to restock properly. As the staff is generally familiar with smart devices, there is no need for extensive onboarding. Employees can place orders flexibly, no matter if they are in the warehouse or instore – all within less than a minute. 

No more training phases are required to introduce employees to complicated ordering software! Simply integrate the Scanbot SDK into your app and let your company and your employees benefit from its features.

Turn a smartphone into a fast & precise warehouse scanner with the Scanbot SDK.

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK

Are you thinking about developing an application for ordering purposes?  The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is your way to go! And this is why: 

Scanbot’s next-generation Barcode Reader 

During the past months, our development team created a new version of our Barcode Scanner: 

The Scanbot Barcode Reader v3!

We recognised that, especially in the retail sector, high scanning speed and accuracy are of utmost importance. For this reason, we improved our old Barcode Scanner v2 to guarantee our customers the best possible benefits! Take a look at a few of our improvements: 

High Speed

The Scanbot Barcode v3 comes with an extraordinary improvement of speed from which retail companies can benefit by making their ordering processes simpler, faster, and more efficient!

Most accurate scanning

Particularly in the retail sector, our customers are often dealing with small barcodes or barcodes of poor quality. Thus, we also improved the accuracy of our Barcode Reader massively.

Benefit of our high-performance Barcode v3, which allows you to scan barcode symbologies in any kind of condition: 

  • Different angles 
  • Distance > 1m
  • Poor lighting
  • Corrupted or blurred barcodes
  • Tiny barcodes
  • Low background contrast

General benefits of Scanbot’s solutions 

Highest data security standards

Our solution works 100% offline – we never process, track, or store any data on our, or any 3rd party server. 

Flat license model 

No hidden costs, no volume-based variables, no maintenance fees – everything is included in just one annual subscription. 

Enterprise-level support

We always want our customers to succeed! Therefore, we have a team of Customer Success Managers and support engineers providing you with all the necessary assistance via Slack or email. We respond fast at no additional costs! 

Scanning filters

Adjust the Barcode Reader to scan only certain types of barcodes that are required. This helps users to avoid user-errors and optimize the scanning processes.

Do you want to experience the barcode scanning functionalities in action? Simply download our Scanner SDK Trial License (30 days for free) to test and evaluate our solutions directly within your app! Also, feel free to get in touch with one of our solution experts for further information. We are always happy to help you out! Let’s talk. 

Developers, ready to get started?

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