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Delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats have established digital ordering within the Food & Beverage sector over the past decade. Countless restaurants, whether fast food or fine dining, now offer their customers comfortable delivery to their homes. 

Yet the in-person experience is still dominated by manual processes around ordering and payment. But what do alternatives to these outdated processes look like? Let’s explore the Order and Pay concept and discover how mobile QR Code Scanning enables an elevated, digital restaurant experience.

Contactless ordering: Introduce a QR Code based workflow inside your restaurants

We all know mobile food orders: A customer simply chooses what food and drinks they want in a restaurant’s mobile app, then pays with one of several payment options. The takeout order is then prepared for in-restaurant or curbside pickup. Customers no longer have to wait around for their meals – and takeout also streamlines processes within a restaurant. How can restaurants offer the same comfortable experience to guests coming to their local branches? During the pandemic, digital menus became standard practice. Customers simply scan a QR Code on their table to view the food offer and prices. Yet the ordering process stayed the same in most places: Diners must wait for a server to take their orders, serve their meals, and handle payment. All these steps create unnecessary wait times, increase the staff workload, and affect the guests’ dining experience. 

But there is good news: Modern technology can easily take over!

Super easy & fast – Order and Pay in a few simple steps

  1. Once seated, guests scan the table’s QR Code using the Order and Pay app.
  2. They browse the restaurant’s menu, select their items, and add them to the basket.
  3. After they confirm the order, food and drinks are prepared and brought to the guests’ table.
  4. To pay, diners can choose between several digital payment options, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal. Alternatively, they can scan their credit cards to complete the payment. In this step, the tip can be added as well.
  5. Finally, guests are asked to leave a review. A simple process and reward programs increase customer engagement significantly.

One solution and many benefits for restaurants

Mobile ordering drastically reduces servers’ workload and guests’ waiting time. Order and Pay is particularly useful for highly frequented places: By minimizing the time staff spends at tables, restaurants can host more guests within the same opening hours.

But there are more advantages that restaurants can leverage when integrating a mobile Barcode Scanner SDK into their mobile apps or website. 

Apart from streamlining on-site service, Order and Pay actively boosts a restaurant’s sales and revenue: Automated upselling increases the average order size (Do you want fries with that?), while easy access to reward programs strengthens customer loyalty and encourages guests to come again. 

Furthermore, the freed-up physical and human resources can be reallocated to the guest experience. Business owners can completely rethink their internal processes and focus on delivering true satisfaction for their guests. 

But safety is also a significant factor here: Digital orders are less prone to human error. A digital ordering process avoids communication difficulties due to a noisy restaurant environment. This does not just create a seamless experience for guests, as they can add their customizations to their digital orders and double-check them afterward. Most importantly, it creates a safer experience for guests with allergies.

Whether pubs, diners, bars, or hotels – Order and Pay streamlines operations across different areas. This gives business owners the ability to manage orders efficiently and to adapt to the preferences of today’s digital society.

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