Enhancing insurance customer satisfaction with the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK

Staying competitive in the insurance world means finding innovative ways to tackle the industry’s unique challenges. Insurance companies face issues ranging from tedious paperwork to inaccurate data, and every second of delay directly impacts customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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Problems insurance companies face

  1. Document overload: Insurance companies are inundated with paperwork, from policy applications to claims forms. Traditional, paper-centric workflows depend on manual data entry, which is slow, inefficient, and error-prone.
  2. Data security and compliance: Keeping sensitive customer data safe and complying with data regulation laws is paramount. Managing and protecting this data can be a daunting task in a paper-based environment.
  3. Frustrated policyholders: Claims processes can be especially frustrating for policyholders. Filing a claim means laboriously submitting many documents – either by physically mailing them or by uploading or emailing photos. Submission quality is often poor, forcing insurers to process many documents manually or even to ask policyholders to resubmit them. Altogether, insureds often wait weeks for their much-needed reimbursements, adding to their overall frustration.

How insurance companies deal with these issues

Insurers traditionally addressed these issues through labor-intensive manual processes and by investing in complex document management systems, often at considerable cost.

Modern, digital solutions are not only more efficient and cost-effective but also deliver high accuracy.

How the Scanbot SDK improves efficiency and customer satisfaction

The Scanbot Document Scanner SDK is a game changer for insurance input management and customer satisfaction. With advanced mobile scanning capabilities and robust document processing features, Scanbot SDK solves age-old problems.

Scanbot SDK’s powerful scanning technology allows agents and insureds to capture, digitize, and submit documents directly on their mobile devices. This eliminates manual data entry and accelerates the processing of applications, claims, and critical documents.

A major benefit for insurance companies is the ability to process more documents automatically. Low-quality phone pictures of documents require an insurance agent to review them. Conversely, high-quality scans are the perfect input for automated backend systems, which makes for fast and cost-efficient processing. 

By shortening the time to reimbursement, this ultimately increases policyholder satisfaction.

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Create high-quality document scans in seconds

Turn mobile devices into fast document scanners and generate high-quality scan results no matter the conditions.

Our Document Scanner SDK can be integrated into your mobile or web app in just a few hours!

Our SDK ensures strong data security and compliance: In addition to working fully offline, it can encrypt the scan results. This way, insurers can be confident that their customers’ sensitive information stays safe.

Thanks to the intuitive interface and the on-screen user guidance, any user can easily take perfect scans. Flawless images enable fast and accurate OCR, transforming analog information into data your backend system can use. 

Read the reviews users have left on our customers’ apps and try the solution for yourself. Scanbot SDK is your trusted partner for streamlined, effective document management. 

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Integrating the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK into your insurance app

Interested in integrating our Document Scanner SDK into your mobile app or website? Then feel free to contact our solution experts. They are looking forward to finding the best approach for your individual use case. Alternatively, you can generate a free 7-day trial license.

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