How telecommunication providers can benefit from barcode scanning in their field service management software

By integrating barcode scanning technology into employee- and customer-facing mobile apps, telecommunications companies can streamline a range of workflows, especially in field service. Learn more about the use cases that benefit the most from barcode scanning.

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Mobile barcode scanning for field service technicians

Making your internal field service management solution the one-stop shop for all your field service technicians’ needs cuts down on costs for specialized equipment, such as dedicated barcode scanners. 

Budget smartphones often match or even surpass hardware scanners in performance, provided you outfit them with the right barcode scanning software. Additionally, field service technicians need next to no training to use mobile apps: They work with familiar devices and interfaces that offer advanced user guidance.

With a smartphone-based solution, there is no more constant switching back and forth between equipment: Field service technicians can now scan barcodes, log information, order parts and submit tickets on the same device. This significantly reduces the time on site and the number of visits needed. 

Moreover, dedicated scanner hardware is often challenging to connect with other IT systems. Mobile apps, however, can easily communicate with virtually any backend.

Field service technicians are highly sought-after experts, so telecommunication providers are well-advised to give them the best tools for the job. Supporting them with state-of-the-art technology increases employee satisfaction and reduces turnover.

Customer-side barcode scanning for faster diagnosis and easy provisioning

Another way to shorten service calls is to let customers scan barcodes themselves – long before a field service technician even arrives at the problem site.

When an issue arises, the customer can scan the ID barcode on their faulty equipment, e.g., a router or landline telephone, using the company’s customer app. 

This starts an automated check of its operational status. If there is a technical problem, the customer can submit a support ticket directly in the app. The device’s ID, previously extracted from the barcode, is included automatically. This simplifies both customer relationship management and field service operations.

Afterwards, the field service management solution checks the availability of spare equipment. The customer then receives an in-app notification with the timeframe for the repair or replacement. 

Once on site, the field service technician benefits from the mobile solutions as described above.

As soon as the repaired or replaced device is in place, provisioning is as easy as scanning its barcode. By communicating with the telecommunication provider’s servers, the mobile app can activate the equipment or confirm that it has been activated already.

Integrating a Barcode Scanner SDK into your field service software

With a software development kit (SDK), you can easily add new functionalities to your app and customize them to fit your branding and individual use case. Our Barcode Scanner SDK is a white-label solution focused on usability and accuracy. It supports all common barcode symbologies and comes with advanced features such as batch scanning and an AR overlay.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact our solution experts. We look forward to finding the best approach for your individual use case.

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