Medical Certificate Scanner – Optimize document processing with automated data extraction

Processing medical certificates is a laborious task for employers and health insurance companies alike. Thanks to document scanning and data capture technologies, both the transmission and the extraction of information can be largely automated, benefiting both patients and companies.

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In 2020, Europeans took an average of 10.2 days of sick leave per year. Multiplied by the number of employees in a small to medium-sized business, this results in piles of medical certificates to be processed by HR departments.

Ongoing demographic changes will likely increase this number. Therefore, it’s high time for companies  to implement digital workflows for handling medical certificates.

There are two steps in the process with a large potential for efficiency gains: First, the transmission of the medical certificate from the employee to the employer or the health insurance, and second, the respective company’s filing of the document. Document scanning and data capture software can speed up both steps considerably.

Advantages of automated data extraction for medical certificates

Letting employees scan and upload their medical certificates on their mobile devices saves them time better spent recovering. At the same time, digital submission through a company app or the health insurer’s software enables these companies to allocate fewer resources for manually processing paper documents.

Using an enterprise-grade Document Scanner SDK ensures sharp images suitable for OCR, although entering the data into a database would still have to be handled by an employee or dedicated software. A Data Capture SDK solves this problem by automatically recognizing the document type, reading out the text boxes, and correctly labeling each data set. This eliminates any need for manual post-processing.

Implementing Scanbot’s Medical Certificate Scanner SDK

Depending on your needs, Scanbot offers two software packages. The first contains both the Document Scanner and the Data Capture modules, the second only the Document Scanner. Both packages also include our Barcode Scanner.

The Document Scanner helps users position the camera and capture a sharp image of the certificate. This ensures that files transmitted to the employer or health insurer can be processed without problems, eliminating the need for further inquiries.

The Data Capture module employs machine learning technology to extract all necessary information from the document, ready to be exported to an external database. With this technology, medical certificate processing can be fully automated, freeing up time and resources.

Since patient information is highly sensitive, data privacy is paramount when it comes to processing it with software. The Scanbot SDK operates entirely offline and thus meets the highest data protection standards.

Would you like to learn more about the Medical Certificate Scanning SDK? Talk to one of our solution experts to learn how to take the next step in process automation. Our blog post about Data Extraction provides you with more information about this specific feature – feel free to check it out!

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