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According to a Statista study from 2019, around 58% of US companies in the building sector are already using mobile construction apps for their daily reports. These statistics show that the construction and property sector trend is moving powerfully towards digitization. However, one can also observe that almost 50% of the companies still manage these documents manually. To remain competitive and design time-efficient, user-friendly workflows, it is essential to respond to the wave of digitization. A modern Scanner SDK solution can be a major step towards a complete digital construction process.

The digital future of the construction industry  

BIM (Building Information Modeling) – which has already been the standard in the construction industry in Great Britain for several years, could also become mandatory in Germany, initially for infrastructure projects and later for residential construction as well. The digitization trend has finally reached the construction sector, which has been relying on manual processes for a long time. But although a construction project life cycle can be handled entirely digitally, many companies continue to make internal workflows more difficult through administrative tasks relating to manual data transfer. These can be avoided by integrating digital technologies, which mitigates project delays.

Capturing data manually slows down the work process

Writing down information manually or typing it into a database: We all know how tedious and exhausting data collection can be. The more information you want to register in a short time, the faster careless mistakes occur, which require manual corrections and can significantly impede the workflows of construction projects. Construction and property companies have to capture and digitize enormous amounts of data from physical documents every day. Modern technology allows a large part of this work to be significantly minimized and, at the same time, made considerably more convenient. With the help of a modern Scanner SDK, you can easily and quickly digitize most of the manual processes of construction workflows in a fast and straightforward way. All you need is a company-owned mobile app!

Which tasks can be covered by a digital alternative?

What could such a solution look like as part of construction management software? Of course, areas and use cases are company-dependent. Thus, we will provide you with a few examples that can be either combined or implemented individually.

Document management

As in any other industry, the construction industry has to deal with a daily flood of paper documents. Be it invoices, order statements, delivery certificates, or expert reports: Team members can quickly scan any type of document with a Document Scanner in your mobile app and forward it to headquarters. Optical character recognition then converts the scan into an editable PDF file ready for further processing in the back end. 

Tool tracking

In 2019, according to Statista, only around 19% of contractors used mobile apps to record tool inventories, even though most digital tools contain an identification number or QR Code. A serial number scan can be performed within seconds, whereas manual entry takes much longer and may contain errors that can distort the inventory. For this purpose, we provide the Barcode Scanner SDK and the Data Scanner SDK. This covers both tool and equipment tracking for construction and property management. 

Test reports

Instead of handwritten documentation of maintenance work at the customers’ premises, the customer address, customer number, and the serial number of the installed part can be scanned immediately using a data scanner and forwarded to the head office. 

Registration of drones

Even drones can be efficiently registered and administered with a scanner. Either the QR code or the serial number on the bottom of the device can be scanned and registered in the system.

Fleet management

Do you need to regularly check your company’s internal fleet or your employees’ driving licenses? License plates, data on driver’s licenses, vehicle identification numbers, or even numbers of spare parts can be quickly and efficiently recorded and forwarded with a Data Scanner. 

Flexible & tailored to your needs 

Do you want to cover an application area that does not fit the criteria mentioned above? Please feel free to contact our experts. We are looking forward to your input and a creative exchange regarding our functionalities. Together we will find the optimal solution for your company. Flexibility is a top priority at Scanbot!

This company philosophy is also reflected in our pricing model. Therefore, Scanbot offers a fixed pricing model. The price depends exclusively on the number of operating systems and the selected package (package 0, I, II, III). There are no fees for additional users, scans, or setup fees so costs can be easily calculated in advance. Our license can be canceled annually, allowing you to flexibly adapt your workflow to your changing demands without long-term contract obligations. 

If you would like to learn more about our all-round talent, the Data Scanner, please take a look at the detailed product overview. 

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