Scan shipping labels – say goodbye to outdated handheld scanners with the Scanbot SDK

Whether on the last mile or at the local post office – shipping label scanning must be efficient, especially during peak seasons. To stay competitive, postal services need to combine speedy delivery with accurate data capture and excellent customer service.

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Global parcel shipping volume is expected to reach 200 billion units by 2024. Handling the exploding demand for parcel shipping calls for innovative strategies and the latest technology. Especially during peak demand, postal services must be able to rapidly adjust to the increased workload.

In the past decade, the standard approach was to use conventional handheld scanning devices to scan shipping labels. Yet these dedicated handheld scanners have numerous downsides: They are costly to buy, operate, and maintain – and offer little flexibility.

Smartphone-based parcel scanning offers the perfect solution.

The perfect delivery process – smartphones bring efficiency at low cost

To handle peak demand, shipping companies hire seasonal workers who then need to be onboarded as fast as possible. However, acquiring handheld scanning devices and training inexperienced workers to use them takes time.

“Bring your own device” (BYOD) solutions are the key to more efficiency.

Enabling employees to use their own devices maximizes flexibility while minimizing operational costs and training. Every seasonal worker will use a familiar tool: their smartphone. They just install the company’s mobile app with the integrated Barcode Scanner SDK – and have a fast, user-friendly, and accurate label scanner in their hands.

With a mobile scanning solution, enterprises can effortlessly combine efficiency, employee satisfaction, and profitability!

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Origimed enabled 1-second medication verification

Rimi Baltic reduced its Scan & Go costs by 90%

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Benefits of using a smartphone-based shipping label scanner

  1. Cost savings: Companies can opt for budget smartphones instead of expensive hardware scanners. Since virtually everyone knows how to use a smartphone, no training is required.
    Costs can be reduced further with the BYOD approach: Employees just install the company’s internal app on their devices and are good to go. This approach is especially well-suited for quickly onboarding temporary workers.
  2. Portability: Smartphones are much smaller and lighter than traditional handheld scanners. They fit into every pocket, are easier to carry around all day, free up the parcel carrier’s hands.
    They can even be worn around the neck or slung across the shoulder without causing strain. A rugged case protects them from impact and fall damage.
  3. Ease of integration: Smartphones running iOS or Android offer a variety of ways for apps to interfacewith other software. This makes them perfect for communicating with complex backend systems. Integrating an SDK into a mobile app can be done in less than a week.
  4. Versatility: Smartphones can fulfill many different roles at once. In addition to scanning barcodes, they can be used for age and identity verification, fleet management, scanning and uploading receipts, and more.
  5. Accuracy: Bad lighting, poor angles, or damaged barcodes pose no problems to the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, guaranteeing perfect results within milliseconds.
  6. Extensibility: A software-based solution is ever-evolving. Using a regularly updated Barcode Scanning SDK means you will benefit from even better accuracy and performance as the technology is refined further.

Going beyond barcodes with an all-in-one scanning solution

Using smartphones instead of dedicated hardware scanners lets you use a single device for many scanning use cases.

With a high-quality Document Scanner, drivers can capture paperwork on the go and quickly send it to the back office for processing. An intuitive interface guarantees that every submitted scan is sharp and clear.

Data Capture Software extracts all relevant information from driver’s licenses and ID cards, which speeds up employee onboarding.

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