Improving the ticket scanning process in public transport with Mobile Barcode Scanning

In the not-so-distant past, navigating through the bustle of public transport meant holding onto a paper ticket. Tucked into pockets and purses, sometimes crumpled or lost in the chaos, these paper tickets played a crucial role in daily commuting.

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Paper tickets go digital

The transition from traditional paper tickets to e-tickets has resulted in more convenience and efficiency. Apart from reducing the environmental impact, this shift has streamlined the ticketing process, offering passengers instant access through their smartphones or other digital devices. 

Digital tickets enhance security and diminish the risk of lost or damaged tickets. The shift from paper to e-tickets is a response to the demands of our modern life. However, as the traditional paper ticket loses its importance, new challenges arise. 

Common challenges of e-tickets

While adopting e-tickets brings advantages to their end users, transportation companies face a variety of challenges when implementing e-ticketing systems. 

One prominent issue is the need for substantial investments into the technological infrastructure, including secure servers and reliable connectivity, to ensure a seamless digital ticketing experience for passengers. 

Companies must also grapple with educating staff and passengers on the new digital processes. They often face resistance or hesitation from individuals accustomed to traditional paper tickets. 

However, how we handle ticket processing has evolved significantly, paving the way for smoother and more efficient ways to check passenger’s tickets. 

Using internal mobile apps on smartphones has emerged as a contemporary solution, eliminating the need for additional scanning devices and further employee training. This approach not only streamlines the ticketing workflow but also enhances communication by integrating seamlessly with smartphones. One of its key advantages is the familiarity of smartphones, making the scanning process more accessible to everyone.

This method changes the ticketing experience, aligning with the ever-changing preferences of both staff and passengers. 

Additionally, it offers the convenience of real-time interaction, showcasing how technology can simplify and enhance everyday processes.

One such solution is the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK. Its flexibility, cost-efficiency, and scalability overcome these challenges and enhance the overall ticketing process.

Extract 1D and 2D barcodes in milliseconds

Automating ineffcient and time-consuming workflows boosts productivity and reduces costs.
Barcodes make the transition seamless and can be scanned by any mobile device with a camera and the right software.

Our Barcode Scanner SDK can be integrated into your mobile or web app in just a few hours to transform any mobile device into a powerful barcode scanner!

Efficient and accurate data capture

One of the standout features of the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is its ability to scan all common barcode types with an accuracy of 98.7%.

This precision ensures a seamless ticket validation process. Advanced features ensure that ticket scanning is effortless, even from a distance and at any angle. 

With its intuitive interface and user guidance, the SDK’s scanning functions are easy to handle for employees. This reduces the time needed for training the staff and smooth integration into existing workflows.

Offline scanning for maximum security

The SDK operates fully offline by design: It never connects to any third-party server and works exclusively on the end user’s device. This independence enhances reliability and ensures that the system can be deployed anywhere, even in areas with limited network connectivity.

Glare, reflections, blurry barcodes, and even the motion of vehicles become non-issues, thanks to the advanced scanning capabilities of the Scanbot SDK. 

Cost reduction and increased efficiency

With its impressive technical capabilities, the Scanbot SDK offers a practical solution for public transport companies looking to streamline operations. As an adaptable, scalable, app-based solution, the Barcode Scanner SDK is an invaluable asset for a more efficient and cost-effective public transit system.

It only takes a few lines of code to implement the SDK in a mobile application, turning any smartphone or tablet into a fast and accurate ticket scanner. There is no need to purchase any additional devices or software systems.

As public transport transitions into the digital age, it is vital to ensure electronic ticketing systems’ efficiency, security, and overall experience. With its advanced scanning features, offline functionality, and commitment to reducing costs, Scanbot SDK is your trusted partner in the public transport sector.

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