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Scan barcodes reliably in under 0.2 seconds with our Barcode Scanning Demo App

In our free Scanbot SDK: Barcode Scanner Demo App, you can scan all standard 1D and 2D barcodes reliably in under 0.2 seconds. Different modes, such as Batch Scanning, Multiple Scanning, Tiny Barcodes, and Scanning at a Distance, and innovative features such as our AR Overlay will evoke a “WOW” effect in your users.

Key feature highlights

0.2 seconds to scan

Accuracy icon

98.7 % accuracy

AR overlay

AR Overlay

Create high-quality document scans in our Document Scanning Demo App

In our free Scanbot SDK: Document Scanning Demo App, you can scan all sorts of documents. The intuitive interface and on-screen user guidance make scanning documents a breeze, even for non-tech-savvy users. Image-enhancing features, including blur detection, perspective correction, and customizable filters, guarantee crystal-clear scans ideal for digital transfer or backend processing.

Key feature highlights

User guidance

Perspective icon

Perspective correction

Blur icon

Blur detection

Extract structured data easily in our Data Capture Demo App

Our free Scanbot SDK: Data Capture Demo App will allow you to extract data from over 10 different formats, including US driver’s licenses, international passports, IBANs & license plates. Through on-screen user guidance and 100% offline processing, the Data Capture SDK is both user-friendly and data-secure.

Key feature highlights

Extraction in milliseconds

Key-value-pair output

100% offline

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