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Mobile document scanning accounting

Taking the hassle out of paperwork

When thinking about accounting, we envision mountains of paperwork stacked in boxes. Digitizing these documents is a crucial task to accelerate any tax-related workflow, both for your employees and your clients. With our mobile and web document scanning SDKs, everyone can create and submit high-quality scans directly on their smartphone – saving enormous amounts of time, money, and effort.

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User Guidance

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Automatic Scanning

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Perspective Correction

High quality mobile scans accounting

Privacy first - always

In the tax and accounting industry especially, highly sensitive data has to be captured and processed constantly. Our SDK operates fully offline, without any server connection. This guarantees that your clients’ sensitive data stays between you and them.

Key Features

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No External Servers

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Multiple Export Formats

Mobile Scanning Data Security Accounting

Fast, simple, and cost-effective

We offer solutions for a vast variety of use cases in the accounting industry.

Allow your clients to submit any document – such as receipts, invoices, and tax forms – to speed up your processes and save valuable time and resources.

And by the way: No app? No problem! Our solutions are also available for the web, and all of them can be integrated in less than a week.

Key Features

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Fast Integration

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All Platforms

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Ready-To-Use UI Components

Customizable Scanner SDK Accounting

Using the Cropping and Automatic page detection built by Scanbot, we save a tremendous amount of development time and have a great user experience.

— Developer
@ Taxfix

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1-step document submission for clients

Available on all major platforms

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