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My AXA Germany

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Increase automatic claims processing with high-quality document submissions

With our solution, AXA's insureds can easily scan and submit claims documents online. Thanks to the SDKs quality-enhancing features and easy-to-use interface, insureds create high-quality scans with ease.

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Customer App Screen
Customer App Screen


Enhance your retail shopping experience with Mobile Barcode Scanning

With our Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, Rimi allows their retail customers to use their smartphone as a MyRimi loyalty card. To authorize the card, they simply scan a QR code at checkout.

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Deutsche Bahn

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Deutsche Bahn company logo


Quickly process fare evasion cases with Mobile Data Capture

Using our Scanbot SDK, DB's on-board employees are able to process fare evasion cases quickly in just a few minutes. They simply scan the passengers identity document to collect the necessary personal information.

DATEV Upload mobile

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Tax & Accounting

Digitize your receipts and invoices with Mobile Document Scanning

DATEV employs our Scanbot Document Scanner SDK to digitize receipts quickly and easily. This allows their users to upload documents to the system from everywhere at any time – in just a few seconds.

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With the Scanbot SDK, SWICA has found a partner for reliable document capture in its digital customer portal. It is an ideal and easy solution to scan and submit recovery documents online within seconds.

Alessandra Schudel SWICA

- Alessandra Schudel
Digital Services Specialist, Product Owner mySWICA @SWICA

Quote Mark

We rely heavily on this solution, and the Scanbot team has been a trusted partner since day one.

Patrick Krämer Telekom

- Patrick Krämer
Product Owner MitarbeiterApp @ Deutsche Telekom

Quote Mark

Scanbot was able to provide the best pricing model, which made it possible for us to keep our original self-scanning expansion plans. With Scanbot, we were able to optimize costs and focus on providing our customers with the best self-service experience in stores.

Testimonial Author Picture

- Anna Aleksandrova
Product Owner @ Rimi Baltic

Quote Mark

We perform approximately 50 million scans each month and have seen zero issues with the Scanbot SDK thus far!


- Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT

Quote Mark

With Scanbot, we can effortlessly scan more than 100,000 QR and barcodes daily. The functionalities were implemented in just 14 business days, thanks to the help of the Scanbot team. The technical support, the implementation of the SDK, and the software itself – all are lightning fast. Thank you so much!

- Alexander Höfle
Head of Engineering @ carelogic

Quote Mark

Very pleasant cooperation with the team. Very smooth communication via Slack and great to see that agreed-upon targets were actually met! It was really a joy to work with Scanbot.

Bart Grol BarTrack

- Bart Grol
CEO @ BarTrack

Quote Mark

After integrating Scanbot into ABF’s proprietary pickup & delivery app, the quality of the images has greatly improved. This will provide ABF access to valuable information about the customer’s shipments hours earlier than the prior procedure by allowing the billing process to start shortly after the freight is picked up.

Lee Easley ArcBest

- Lee Easley
Director Information Technology @ ArcBest Technologies

Quote Mark

With the Scanbot SDK, we’ve been able to dramatically improve document quality with the automatic cropping and scanning feature, saving drivers time and producing a high-quality scan every time. They also love the additional options such as rotating the image, adjusting the crop, and the grayscale option. Integration with the KeepTruckin Driver App allows drivers to easily upload documents and eliminate the hassle of managing paper copies.

Jason Pesek, Head of Product, Core Platform and Mobile Apps @ Motive

- Jason Pesek
Product Manager @ KeepTruckin

Quote Mark

Using the Cropping and Automatic page detection built by Scanbot, we save a tremendous amount of development time and have a great user experience.

Taxfix Employee

- Developer
@ Taxfix

Quote Mark

Relying on the Scanbot SDK was the right decision. The receipt is now photographed much faster and more accurately than before. This makes it much easier to check the receipts.

Constantin Rack Acardo

- Constantin Rack
Member of the Executive Board @ Acardo Group AG

Quote Mark

With the Scanbot implementation, we have raised the capture of invoices and receipts by our customers to a new level. With the quality of the transmitted images, we can process a large number of submissions automatically. As a result, we achieve both process cost benefits and higher customer satisfaction.

Testimonial Author Picture

- Martin Ingignoli
Head of Competence Center Digitalization Market Product Owner @ Barmenia

Quote Mark

Thanks to the Ready-to-Use UI, we were able to achieve fast results during the PoC stage. Using native features allowed us to configure the user interface freely.

Alte Leipziger Testimonial

- Moritz Brandscheid
Senior System Architect @ ALH Group

Quote Mark

The Scanbot SDK can be used intuitively and without interruption.

Dominique Rey Numarics

- Dominique Rey
CEO @ Numarics

Quote Mark

The integration of the Scanbot SDK has improved the quality of the scanned documents and thus the quality and efficiency of the downstream automated process. This reduced employees’ workload in manual post-processing and the processing time.

Gabriel Pollak BGHM

- Gabriel Pollak
Team Lead Xamarin, Consulting & Development @ Berufsgenossenschaft Holz & Metall

Quote Mark

From a development standpoint, it is AMAZING to see an SDK implemented so seamlessly and quickly. Our development team responded back with ‘we are done, please check the test build’ in 2 days after receiving the Scanbot SDK and License File.

Simon Dobretsov CARTI

- Simon Dobretsov
AVP Payor Contracting and Revenue Integrity @ CARTI

Quote Mark

We chose to incorporate the scanning functionality of Scanbot in our application as it provided us with the fastest scanning possibilities. And we are very happy with the quality of scans!

Lead Developer Laboremus

- Lead Developer
@ Laboremus

Quote Mark

We were able to technically implement the Scanbot SDK in less than a week and now have a system that decreases the time of administrative tasks by hours.

SCG Testimonial

- Aektanat Udomlumleart @ SCG Logistics
IT Consultant Transportation

Quote Mark

The Scanbot Scanner SDK helped us to solve our issue of providing our users with a quick and reliable scanning application for the purpose of medical pack verification. The Scanbot team was very responsive and helpful, making the integration of their solution an easy task.

- Rok Hribernik
Operations Manager @ Origimed

Quote Mark

Integrating the Scanbot SDK into our application took us only three weeks and left us with countless benefits. The high-quality scanning components helped us boost customer satisfaction while significantly reducing costs – we are delighted about how this project turned out.

Testimonial Author Picture

- IT Research & Development Team
@ VakifBank

Quote Mark

The SDK helped us to do something previously unachievable — to scan a national ID from a smartphone to upload to our electronic medical record. This functionality not only saved time required by manual data entry, but also eliminated data entry errors.

- Sam Riggleman
Senior Engineer @ The Luke Commission

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