How Motive created a 3-step document workflow with the Scanbot SDK


Motive Success Story

Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, builds technology to improve safety, productivity, and profitability for around 120,000 businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance, maintenance, spend management, and more.



Company Size

4,000+ employees

Use Case

Document submission for truck drivers on the road



Development Platform




Motive aimed to give drivers the ability to comfortably scan and submit documents in high quality on the go. This would also reduce the time spent digitizing physical papers and reworking low-quality copies in the backend.



With Motive’s previously used solution, drivers had difficulty uploading good-quality photos of their documents. Due to the lack of user guidance, poor lighting, cropping, and blurred images caused many issues. Drivers had to spend time re-taking photos while backend staff was hampered by poor-quality document images.



The Scanbot Document Scanner SDK was integrated into Motive’s native Android and iOS apps within just one month, generating value for their users in no time. Drivers now benefit from detailed user guidance, perspective correction, and automatic cropping – features that ensure perfect scanning results without effort.

Key results

WoW Customers

Improved user satisfaction


Scanbot SDK Real Time Feature

Less time spent on reworking


Scanbot SDK Product

Higher efficiency on the road


Motive Success Story

Document photos were often so bad that the back office couldn’t read them, making it hard to audit and manage for record keeping. Scanbot SDK helps ensure that we get quality document scans each time.

Jason Pesek

Head of Product, Core Platform and Mobile Apps @ Motive

How Motive managed to increase efficiency & image quality with the Scanbot SDK

Motive is dedicated to optimizing processes in the transportation sector through technology. Efficiency is the be-all and end-all on the road. Digital document submission can save precious time, but only when done right.

Taking photos using a smartphone camera presented the users of Motive’s mobile apps with enormous challenges: Exposure, perspective, and cropping – everything has to be on point to guarantee easy processing. This often resulted in poor-quality photos, and employees had to retake images, leading to productivity loss.

With the Scanbot SDK, drivers create perfect document scans with just one tap, leveraging cutting-edge features such as User Guidance, automatic cropping, and perspective correction. The backend staff can then process those digital copies without friction.

The impact: increased efficiency and user satisfaction.

“The guides that pop up for drivers help them make sure they are taking the best picture possible. We didn’t realize how much this would help, but it greatly impacts the quality of the scan.”
– Jason Pesek, Head of Product, Core Platform and Mobile Apps @ Motive

Motive's workflow before using the Scanbot SDK

  1. A driver submits a document image to the backend.
  2. Staff now review input data and image.
  3. The driver is often asked to re-capture the image due to low quality.
  4. Now, they upload a slightly better image.
  5. The backend staff can successfully audit the document and submit it for record keeping.

Motive’s improved workflow with the Scanbot Document Scanner

  1. A driver scans a document using the Scanbot SDK and submits it to the back-office.
  2. Here, the audit takes place without issues.
  3. The document is then submitted for record keeping.

By integrating the Scanbot SDK into their mobile app, Motive managed to …

…improve the image quality while cutting document submission time, maximizing efficiency both on the road and in the back-office.

Scanbot SDK’s vision and mission

Our initial goal for the Scanbot SDK was for it to read any text-based information via mobile devices – today, this has become a reality. The easy-to-integrate software creates virtually endless possibilities to streamline and facilitate processes for companies, employees, and customers alike, whether in document management, onboarding, sales, or HR.

We now use computer vision algorithms and machine learning models that understand all kinds of complex document types to open up even more possibilities for automated workflows that connect and process data in real time.

At the same time, we want to protect users’ personal data, which is why we opted for on-device intelligence. Scan results are encrypted before transmission to keep them safe from any outside attacks. To guarantee maximum privacy, no data is ever sent to Scanbot’s or any other server.

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