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Flynn Group of Companies

Flynn Success Story

A North American construction company specializing in building envelopes in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors.


Field Services

Company Size

‍6000 employees‍

Use Case

‍In-house app for a digital document transfer


‍iOS & Android

Development Platform




Flynn Group of Companies wants to provide its field employees with an efficient workflow for transferring documents to the headquarters and simplify what was previously a multi-step process.



To ensure smooth processing by the backend OCR program, high-quality scans of the documents are mandatory. A suitable SDK must therefore have functions that ensure easy generation of flawless scans.



To streamline the multi-step, previous process, Flynn Group of Companies needed efficient document scanning capabilities that could be integrated directly into an internal app.

Key results

Scanbot SDK: few hours barcode scanner integration

Fast integration


Short Time to Value

Short time-to-value


Scanbot SDK Product

Easy-to-use workflow


Streamlining internal document workflows

North American construction enterprise, Flynn Group of Companies, provides construction, maintenance, and repair services for industrial, commercial, and institutional properties. Of course, this area also generates enormous amounts of paperwork, which must be forwarded to the headquarters by the field staff. To streamline the process of document transmission, Flynn Group of Companies aimed for a Document Scanner SDK that could be easily integrated into their internal iOS and Android applications.‍

Scanbot provides versatile document scanning functionalities that ensure top-notch quality, ease of use, and the highest data privacy to support companies in a wide range of sectors. Based on years of experience working with companies from different industries, our experts gained extensive insight into best practices and requirements for streamlining document transmission. Developers can integrate the component within a few business days while customizing the user interface to match the corporate design.

By integrating the Scanbot Document Scanning features, Flynn Group of Companies accelerated its document transmission workflow significantly. It enabled its staff members to save time and effort by easily handling the paperwork on the go.

Digital construction management apps

A field worker’s workflow before the implementation of the Scanbot Document Scanner

  1. A staff member working on the construction site wants to transmit a document to the back office.
  2. They open a third-party scanner app and capture the document.
  3. Afterward, they need to create an email workflow and attach the scan manually from the internal storage.
  4. The document is then forwarded to the headquarters, where further processing happens.

This previous workflow was work-intensive and prone to friction, as several steps dependent on different tools had to be taken to transfer the digitized document to the headquarters.

Scanbot SDK’s solution

It was necessary to condense the scanning process and the data transmission at one central point – an internal mobile app that the field workers could use to accelerate this process. Ease-of-use, high-quality results, and data privacy were the key features the construction company looked for in an SDK.

Document transmission after integrating the Scanbot SDK

  1. The staff member needs to forward a document to the back office.
  2. They open the internal application and scan the document using the Scanbot
    Document Scanner.
  3. Then, the document can be submitted to the back office as a PDF file right away.

This process takes place within seconds and incorporates the field workers into a seamless all-digital workflow. Especially regarding documents that need to be copied and stored correctly, flawless digital versions come in handy and create a reliable digital archive.

By implementing the Scanbot Scanner SDK, Flynn Group of Companies could:

  • Create a reliable all-digital document workflow
  • Streamline the process by centralizing the different steps inside one internal app
  • Reduce the time spent on transferring documents to the headquarters

Through the Scanbot SDK’s ease-of-use, Flynn Group of Companies could provide its field workers with an easy onboarding process, intuitive workflows, and a significant reduction in time spent on transferring documents from the construction site to the headquarters.

Scanbot SDK’s mission and vision

Our initial goal for the Scanbot SDK was for it to read any text-based information via mobile devices – today, this has become a reality. The easy-to-integrate software creates virtually endless possibilities to streamline and facilitate processes for companies, employees, and customers alike, whether in document management, onboarding, sales, or HR.

We now build computer vision algorithms and machine learning models that understand all kinds of different document types. Our efforts open up even more possibilities for automated workflows that connect and process data in real time.

At the same time, we want to protect users’ personal data, which is why we opted for on-device intelligence. Scan results are encrypted before transmission to keep them safe from any outside attacks. To guarantee maximum privacy, no data is ever sent to Scanbot SDK’s or any other server.

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