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Implement barcode scanning in your field operations software

Boost your employees’ productivity with fast barcode scanning

Improve all areas of field service management

Pick correct tools in advance

Keep track of inventory

Fetch data on-site

Automate data entry

Scan and upload documents

Backend automation

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Give field service workers access to real-time data flows wherever they are

On-site access to data is crucial for field service agents or technicians. Valuable time is lost if they have to research the required tools and spare parts, enter information by hand, or manually process paper-based documentation. A mobile barcode scanning and data capture solution saves them time and effort by allowing them to quickly retrieve and input data no matter where they are. Document scanning software enables digital processing of paper records, and so frees up resources both on-site and off-site.

Integrating this technology into a field service management solution improves workflow efficiency, saves the technicians time, and allows them to concentrate on the task at hand.

Key feature highlights

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Automatic scanning

Barcode accuracy

High accuracy

Offline solution

Add scanning technology to every step of your process

Barcode scanning and data capture technologies have a wide range of applications. Use cases cover every aspect of field service operations: At the depot, technicians pick out the required parts by scanning their barcodes, automatically removing them from the inventory at the same time. On-site, they can quickly record serial numbers or meter readings, digitize documents, and upload all of these to the company database.

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Document Scanning

Data Extraction

Integrated within days, not months

You can integrate the Scanbot SDK into your application or website in just one business day, keeping time-to-value as short as possible. No matter how many of your technicians use the Scanbot SDK or how many scans they perform each day, our fixed pricing model guarantees that your costs stay the same, allowing for precise budget calculations.

Have a use case we don’t cover yet? We’d be glad to help you adapt to new challenges at any time. Our solutions are versatile – the perfect match for a complex environment like field services.

Key feature highlights

Any mobile device

Fixed pricing

Fast integration

We perform approximately 50 million scans each month and have seen zero issues with the Scanbot SDK thus far!

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT


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What is Field Services Software?

Field services software facilitates the allocation of resources in the field, such as work allocation of employees, inventory, and deadlines for the completion of orders can be managed here.

What are the benefits of field service management software?

Benefits of field service management software include cost reductions, increased customer satisfaction, and a decrease in labor time.