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Integrate a fast & reliable Barcode Scanner SDK into your web applications

Reliable barcode scanning for your website

With our web-based barcode scanner, you can easily add barcode scanning capabilities to your website

Our SDK guarantees lightning-fast and accurate detection under all conditions – even from difficult angles or with poor lighting. Blurred, damaged, or tiny barcodes are no problem either, thanks to our advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Let your users scan barcodes reliably in just 0.2 seconds for a great user experience – no need for a mobile app! Our developer-friendly barcode scanner for web applications can be integrated in just 1 business day.

Need a barcode scanner for your website? Discover our JavaScript Barcode Scanner SDK here.

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0.2 seconds to scan

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98.7% accuracy

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1-day integration

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Unlimited scanning at a fixed price

Our mobile web barcode scanner comes at a fixed annual price. There will be no volume-based cost – for total planning security. This makes our solutions very cost-effective, especially compared to conventional handheld scanners.

Our license includes all updates, maintenance, and full enterprise support – with direct Slack access to our developers.

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Fixed price

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Support via Slack

Continuous updates

How to integrate a Barcode scanner into your web application

Mobile devices offer numerous advantages over handheld scanners. Hence, enterprises increasingly switch to mobile barcode scanning solutions. They not only have lower acquisition costs, but are also cheaper to maintain. Moreover, they offer great usability through direct visual feedback.

With our Barcode SDK, you can enjoy these benefits by integrating a barcode scanner into your web application. There is no need to develop an app, as our solutions work flawlessly on all public and internal websites. Users can access the Barcode Scanner in every common browser using any camera-equipped device.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about data privacy. Our solutions are CCPA- & GDPR-compliant, as we never process, track, or store any data on our or any third-party server.

We perform approximately 50 million scans each month and have seen zero issues with the Scanbot SDK thus far!

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT


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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

How do I add a barcode scanner to my website?

A barcode scanner can be easily integrated into your website via a Web Scanner SDK. A Software Development Kit contains documentation, tools, and libraries that allow you to integrate barcode scanning functionality within a few days

Can a barcode be scanned on a website?

Yes, the integration of a web barcode scanner allows you to easily scan barcodes on a website or in a web application.

Which barcode symbologies are supported by Scanbot’s Web Barcode Scanner?

Using the Scanbot SDK, you can capture data from any 1D barcode or 2D barcode.

What kind of camera do you recommend to scan barcodes from the browser?

We recommend using a camera with autofocus on smartphones or tablets.