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Transform physical documents into high-quality input for your backend

Let your users easily create high-quality images of physical documents with the Scanbot Document Scanner SDK. Our various image-enhancing technologies do the rest: automatic scanning, perspective correction, and many more features guarantee crystal-clear scans. Our self-explaining user guidance allows even non-tech-savvy people to scan a document in less than three seconds – creating the “WOW” effect you want for your users.

Additionally, the Scanbot SDK guarantees absolute data security. As the SDK operates only on the end-users’ devices, we never process, track, or store any data on our or any third-party server.

Key Features

User guidance

100% offline

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Multiple export formats

Mobile Document Scanning

Scan barcodes reliably with mobile devices in just 0.2 seconds

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK covers the largest range of barcode types out of all barcode scanning technologies on the market. Your users will enjoy a reliable and accurate barcode scanning solution that scans barcodes in just 0.2 seconds. Integrate the Scanbot SDK now – and create the kind of fluent user experience that counts.

Key Features

Barcode accuracy

98.7% accuracy

113 barcodes per minute

113 scans/min

All 1D and 2D barcodes

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Automate error-prone manual processes with Mobile Data Capture

Integrate the Scanbot Data Capture SDK into your mobile or web apps to eliminate costly and error-prone manual data entry. Let your users automatically extract data from various structured documents as key-value-pairs: IDs, passports, EHICs, and many more.

Key Features

Key-value-pair extraction

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Any mobile device

1 day integration

Mobile Data Capture

We perform approximately 50 million scans each month and have seen zero issues with the Scanbot SDK thus far!

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT

— Arrey Attabong
Director of Technology @ IGT


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