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Scan BoLs, PoDs, or any other document in an instant

With features like automatic detection, user guidance and image-enhancing filters, your employees create top-notch scan results – even if they are less tech-savvy users.

Being a robust and easy-to-use transportation document scanning solution, the Scanbot SDK makes your employees’ job easier and saves them time. With a trucker scanner, documents no longer need to be physically delivered to headquarters, you can cut administrative overhead and invoice within hours instead of days, thus shortening time-to-payment. A mobile Proof of Delivery scanner allows your employees to digitize ePods on the go.

Freight carrying has never been this easy!

Key Features

User guidance

Automatic scanning

Multiple export formats

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Confirm deliveries with lightning-fast Barcode Scanning – in 0.2 seconds

With our Barcode Scanner for Logistics, employees can confirm deliveries fast and reliably. Unlike conventional handhelds, our Parcel Barcode Scanner or Warehouse Scanner has no problem capturing damaged or small barcodes – even from an angle. In addition, our SDK works on any mobile device, cutting hardware purchase and maintenance costs.

Key Features

Accuracy icon

98.7% accuracy

113 barcodes per minute

113 scans/min

All 1D and 2D barcodes

Mobile Data Capture without internet connection

Especially in transportation, freight, and logistics, workers often lack internet access. As our SDKs work 100% offline, users can scan documents and barcodes everywhere – even in remote areas. This way, the Scanbot SDK makes life easier for your employees and lets them stay productive wherever they are.

Key Features

100% offline


Customer support

Enterprise support

We were able to technically implement the Scanbot SDK in less than a week and now have a system that decreases the time of administrative tasks by hours.

— Aektanat Udomlumleart
IT Consultant Transportation

— Aektanat Udomlumleart
IT Consultant Transportation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

What is logistics scanning?

In logistics, mobile scanning can be used to capture barcodes, serial numbers, delivery notes, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and much more.

How are barcodes used in logistics?

Barcodes can be used In logistics to identify, track, trace, and keep stock of goods. Since scanning them is an easy and accurate way of transmitting information, using them in place of manual data entry greatly reduces error rates.

What are the benefits of a barcode system in logistics?

Benefits of a barcode system in the logistics sector include simplified tracking & inventory management, cost effectiveness, data accuracy, and transparency.