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Document Software

State-of-the-art Document Scanning Software for mobile apps & websites

To give our customers maximum flexibility, we offer our Scanbot Document Scanner Software for both mobile apps and websites. Turn any paper document into digital copies ready for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and accelerate your business processes now.

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Scanbot SDK scanning folders with documents

The Scanbot SDK Document Scanner – by your trusted partner for all scanning needs

Regardless of the industry they are in or the use cases they want to cover, all our customers have one thing in common: They are looking for reliable, fast software that will delight end users and developers. By choosing our intuitive Document Scanning Software for your process optimization needs, you can benefit from:

  • Fixed annual pricing for high volume scanning
  • Intuitive interface with on-screen User Guidance
  • Accurate Document Scanning even under difficult conditions
  • Integration in just one business day
  • Regular updates & enterprise-grade support included
  • Extensive range of covered document types
  • Support for all common operating systems & development platforms
  • Real-time access to scanned information
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Scan documents with the Scanbot Document SDK & benefit from the following features

Thanks to close collaboration with our existing customers, we know which critical features enterprises expect from a Document Scanner SDK.

Features for smooth document capturing that set you apart from your competitors

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Perspective correction & automated cropping: Your users produce flawless document scans, no further adjustments needed.

Automatic icon

Automatic scanning: As soon as your users reach the perfect scanning position, the device camera is triggered automatically.

Formats icon

Multiple export formats: Documents can be exported as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files.

Blur icon

Blur detection: Blurry scans are sharpened for frictionless OCR processing.

Custom filter icon

Custom filters: Image enhancing filters compensate bad lighting or creased paper documents.

Lock icon

Encryption: Digital copies with sensitive data can be stored safely.

Document scanning across industries – the right solution for every use case

Insurance image


Many industries need to handle physical documents, such as hand-filled forms. Digitizing them using smartphone cameras alone is convenient, but challenging. The quality is rarely good enough for efficient backend OCR, causing high post-processing workloads.

As a result, more and more insurers are adding specialized scanning capabilities to their mobile apps. Scanbot collaborates with a number of insurance providers who have significantly improved their processes and customer satisfaction thanks to the Document Scanner SDK. Its fast, straightforward operation and flawless results sharply reduce costs and workloads in their head offices.

Other industries

Other industries

But it’s not only insurers who profit from modern scanning technology. Countless businesses in various industries, like transportation, accounting, or retail, use mobile scanning to digitize common document types. With the digital copies, they can streamline their workflows and automate back-end processes, often with Optical Character Recognition.

Scanbot SDK’s fixed-price model is the perfect solution for any industry with large or unpredictable document scan volumes. Additionally, the Scanbot SDK runs offline, and easily integrates with other document management software.

Say goodbye to mail, fax, or plain document photos! Delight your customers and employees with state-of-the-art software now.

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