8 things you might not know about Scanbot

Get to know a few features of Scanbot that are not that obvious, but all worth knowing as they simplify your work with your favorite scanner app!

As we got more and more feedback as well as questions about certain features of Scanbot in the past weeks, we thought that it’s time to share a few lesser-known functions of the app with you. Sometimes not that obvious, these great little features simplify your work with Scanbot enormously.
So listen up: Here are our 8 favorite features you might not know yet!

Scanbot Multi-Page
1. Quickly create multi-page documents!

We know you love scanning with Scanbot, as it’s so much easier and faster than a usual scanner! Especially, when you need to scan more than one page it’s such a time saving tool and many of you don’t know that they aren’t even using it the fastest way.

Many follow the same pattern for each scan: scan a page, tap ’’add page’’, scan another one and so on.

But wait, you can do it much easier than that! Just switch to the ’’multiple pages’’-mode by tapping the button in the top left corner and scan as fast as you can flip through the pages!

2. Let Scanbot work for you and smart-name scans automatically!

Everyone prefers a specific naming scheme for his documents. But when it comes to typing a name for every single document it is just way too much effort. The result: you don’t follow your system. Let Scanbot do the work for you by naming scans automatically with a scheme you predefine.

Open Scanbot’s settings, scroll down and tap on ’’Name Templates’’. Here you can create a scheme you want your scans to be named after. Use the date, time, your location or many other possibilities to get a certain structure into your documents!

3. Create a subfolder within a folder!

Organization is everything! Creating subfolders inside a folder will help you find your documents faster, as they’re organized in categories!

Here is how you can create them:

Open the folder where you would like to create subfolders. Tap on the pen icon in the top right corner and afterwards the ’’New Folder’’-icon. Enter the desired name in the dialog and tap “Done”. That’s it.

Scanbot TouchID
4. Keep your documents safe from prying eyes!

You’re afraid of scanning documents that contain certain information you don’t want anybody to know? Lock the access to Scanbot using a code or TouchID and scan financial documents or contracts without any queasy feeling!

Open Scanbot’s settings and choose “Passcode Lock and Touch ID”. Enter your new passcode, tap ’’Done’’, confirm it and tap on ’’Save’’. You’re done and your files are save.

5. Connect Scanbot to your favorite Cloud!

Recently many of you asked us to implement more cloud services, not knowing that there is a way to use their favorite cloud with Scanbot already!

Scanbot supports a lot more clouds than you would think! Beside the clouds that the app supports directly, you can use WebDAV to connect Scanbot with many more! Just check whether your cloud is compatible with WebDAV and connect it.

Open Scanbot’s settings, click “Cloud Services”, tap “Add service” and select “WebDAV”. Enter the URL, your username and the password. Login and use it like every other cloud.

If your cloud doesn’t support WebDAV, contact us! We’re always working on integrating more clouds to our pool of storage providers.

6. Scanning while burning the midnight oil!

You are one of those who are more productive at night? Don’t worry! Activate the “flash” button while scanning, apply a filter as usual and your scans will look great! Go on and try it!

7. Directly use information from your scans!

This is one of the most overlooked features! Our OCR technology recognizes the text from your scans and extracts URLs, phone numbers and addresses.

Turn on OCR, scan your documents and open the scan. Switch to the text mode and tap on “Actions”. A dialog will open, showing you all the information that Scanbot’s OCR function has extracted from the scan. Call numbers, open URLs or navigate to a given location! Typing is absolutely unnecessary! 🙂

8. Search within your scan and get information in seconds!

Did you know that you can browse your documents after you scanned them with Scanbot and its OCR technology? Let Scanbot lead you to the information you’re looking for in your scan by using the search function.

Open your scan, tap the “More” button and then on ’’Search’’. Now enter what you are looking for. You’ll directly be led to the part of the document, where you can find the information in.

So these were 8 features that are quite unknown but are all worth it! They will enable you to work faster and simplify it even more! Tell us in the comments below what your favorite unknown features are or if we missed your personal lifesaver. And don’t forget to give us a like!

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Christoph & the Scanbot Team