Industrial 2D Barcode Scanner for apps: Custom Solutions

March 10, 2021

The Scanbot SDK is incredibly versatile: from barcodes and documents to license plates, European health cards, and passports - our goal was to scan and understand every type of document. We are getting closer to this goal every day and can offer an ever-growing range of increasingly specific business scanning solutions. An important factor here is your input, which presents us with compelling use cases and insight into the various industries. Based on this exchange, our development team can offer new and precisely tailored scanning solutions. Find out what such a process looks like. 

Challenge the impossible - our custom solutions

The SDK's universal scanning solutions are successfully used by more than 200 companies worldwide. In some cases, however, the standard scanners are not enough. Large companies, therefore, are frequently asking us for support regarding complex use cases. Together with DAX 30 and Fortune 500 companies, our team could find individual solutions which have then been implemented within a few weeks. 

One of these companies looked for an Industrial Barcode Scanner SDK that could recognize barcodes partially covered by ink. Conventional barcode scanners do not cover this case and fail. Although the two-dimensional barcode has automatic error correction based on the Reed-Solomon code, this only takes effect in the case of damage to up to 25%.

As Scanbot SDK could meet all other requirements, such as easy integration and extensive support, the next step was to reach out to our experts. Our team quickly found reasonable solutions through the exchange and started initial tests with sample data. Through years of computer vision and machine learning experience, the team realized the deployable product within a few weeks.

Another company had a similar problem. This time, it involved tiny Data Matrix codes. Many smartphone-based scanners cannot work at sizes as little as a few millimeters. However, we could take a close look at this individual case and quickly find a solution by contacting our experts.

Tell us about your challenges

Do you have a particular use case and have not yet been able to find a suitable scanner component for it? No problem, we look forward to your input and requests, not only around 2D barcodes. Simply contact our experts. We’re looking forward to talking with you. 

💡 By the way: The Scanbot SDK is a white label solution so that also the user interface easily adapts to your corporate design.

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