Web Scanner SDK

Barcode Scanner SDK for your web app

The Scanbot Web Barcode Scanner SDK can be easily integrated into your existing web application within a few business days, turning a regular smartphone or tablet into a mobile barcode scanning device.

How to add a barcode scanner to your web project

The Scanbot Web Barcode Scanner library can be integrated into your web app within one business day, using the ready-to-use UI which is customizable.

  • Supports all major formats
  • Barcode type detection
  • RawBytes support

Free demo: JavaScript Barcode Scanner

Web Barcode Scanner SDKWeb Barcode Scanner SDK


PC / Mac browsers

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Mobile browsers

  • iOS - Safari
  • Android - Google Chrome
  • Android - Microsoft Edge
  • Android - Firefox
  • Android - Samsung Internet

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Test-drive the Scanbot SDK in your mobile app or website 30 days for free.

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Here you can find all resources that you need to integrate the Scanbot SDK into your web project.

Example projects

Get the example project to check out the implementation via Angular, React and plain JS.

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