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2D Barcode Scanner Module for enterprises

Unlimited, fast, and reliable 2D Barcode Scanner Software for mobile devices

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2d Barcode scanner

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK for apps and websites

We want to give our clients the highest flexibility. That’s why we made our 1D and 2D Barcode Readers available for both mobile apps and websites, and why it supports all common 1D and 2D codes. Turn mobile devices with cameras into 2D Barcode Scanners now and replace expensive imager scanners to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). A solution your users and developers will love.

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Explore the fast and reliable functionalities of the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK in our Demo App – Download now!

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Your 2D Barcode Reading partner – benefits of the Scanbot SDK Barcode Reader Software

All of our customers have one thing in common, regardless of the industry they belong to – they need a reliable, fast Barcode Reader which their end-users will appreciate, and their developers can easily integrate. Our 2D Barcode Scanner extracts data from all standard code types, including the popular QR Code. Built on machine learning, it accelerates your processes and allows you to connect data in real time. We take scanning to the next level.

0.2 seconds scan

Scan 2D barcodes within 0.2 seconds

113 barcodes per minute

113 barcodes per minute

Barcode accuracy

98.7% accurate barcode scans

Scanbot Barcode Reader software offers following major advantages for your enterprise:

  • Easy-to-use interface with smart User Guidance
  • Accurate results, even under poor scanning conditions
  • Integrated into your application within one day
  • Fixed annual price
  • Unlimited usage
  • Regular updates & support included
  • Wide range of supported 2D barcodes
  • Works on all common operating systems and development platforms
  • Real-time access to extracted information
  • Proven customer satisfaction

The Barcode Reader's broad range of supported barcodes

Covering all popular 1D and 2D barcodes, the Scanbot Barcode Reader SDK helps you solve business problems and optimize individual process chains, no matter your industry. It’s time to replace expensive imager and laser scanners with cost-efficient state-of the-art technology.

Enterprise-grade scanning features for matrix barcodes – streamlined processes & first-class user experience

Working in close collaboration with our existing customers in various industries, we know what features enterprises expect from their 2D Barcode Scanning Software.

Take a look at the most striking features:

Barcode software multi scanning

Multi-Scanning: Scan multiple barcodes in one go.

Barcode software filter

Filter: Adjust it to recognize specific barcodae types only.

Barcode software PDF Export

Save the scan: Store barcode images as PDFs for different purposes.

Barcode software continuous scanning

Continuous scanning: Scanning multiple barcodes without the camera closing enables an uninterrupted workflow

Say goodbye to outdated scanning hardware!  With the Scanbot SDK, you can take your user experience and processes to a new level. Create real-time database connectivity and support both your employees and customers with a state-of-the-art scanning tool today.

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Available on all major platforms

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