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Intelligent Mail Barcode

USPS Intelligent Mail barcode

The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) was developed by the United States Postal Service as a successor to the POSTNET and PLANET barcodes. It is used to sort and track letters, cards, and flats. The IMb is known as a 4-State Customer Barcode, since it comprises 65 bars in one of four different states, which together encode up to 31 digits.

In contrast to other barcodes, it is not the width but the height of the bars that encodes information. Every bar consists of three regions (tracking, ascending, descending) that combine to form four possible states. The Intelligent Mail barcode encodes a barcode identifier, a service type identifier, a mailer ID, a serial number, and typically a routing code (ZIP code). It also features built-in error detection but no automatic error correction.

  • Barcode used to sort and track letters, cards, and flats
  • Consists of 65 bars that encode up to 31 digits
  • Built-in error detection

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