PDF417 Barcode Scanner SDK

With the Scanbot PDF417 Scanner SDK, you can integrate fast barcode scanning into your mobile app. Turn any iOS, Android, or Windows device into a flexible scanning tool and enjoy its ease of use and incredible versatility!

Enterprises that use our solutions

PDF417 Code Scanner

PDF417 Code

Ticketing, travel, and logistics are some of the most common areas of application for PDF417 codes. They also find use in healthcare, warehousing, administration, and ID documents, in particular the US driver’s license. Due to its high data density and customizable size, the PDF417 is one of the most versatile and widely used barcode types.

  • A two-dimensional barcode that stores around 2725 numbers or 1850 alphanumeric characters
  • “PDF” is short for “Portable data file”
  • Defined in the ISO/IEC 15438 standard
  • High data density, yet with adjustable length and width
  • High fault tolerance

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Replace outdated barcode scanning devices

With the Scanbot PDF417 Barcode Scanner SDK, you’ll be able to…

  • Extract PDF417 barcodes with smartphones
  • Eliminate the cost of dedicated imager scanners usually required for scanning 2D barcodes
  • Turn mobile devices into intelligent multi-tools with access to your servers
  • Implement a PDF417 scanner within just a few hours – short time-to-value
  • Capture data accurately, even at only 20% background contrast
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A reliable Barcode Scanner SDK covering a wide range of codes

Whether your app is used by your employees or your customers: You want it to work quickly and reliably. That’s why our Barcode Scanner SDK uses computer vision algorithms and machine learning models to guarantee lightning-fast and accurate barcode detection.

Its coverage of barcode symbologies is one of the widest out there. With the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK, you can solve business problems in any industry, automate workflows, and optimize your internal processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PDF417 barcode used for?

PDF417 is mainly used in transportation, identification cards, driver's licenses, or inventory management.

How much data can be stored in a PDF417 barcode?

One PDF417 code can store up to 1850 alphanumeric characters, 2710 digits, or 1108 bytes.

Is PDF417 a 2D barcode?

Yes, the PDF417 barcode is a two-dimensional, stacked linear barcode.