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Scanbot SDK Barcode Scanner Software for apps and websites

We want to offer our customers maximum flexibility. That’s why our Barcode Scanner solutions can be integrated into both mobile apps and websites and cover all standard 1D and 2D barcode types, such as UPC or QR Codes. Turn any smartphone into a mobile Barcode Reader now and create an experience your users will love.

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Benefits of the Scanbot SDK 1D Barcode Scanner

Regardless of their industry, our clients have one thing in common: They look for a reliable, fast Scanner SDK that end-users and developers will love. Our 1D Barcode Scanner is based on computer vision algorithms and machine learning models and extracts data from all standard code types, such as the popular UPC code, to accelerate and optimize your processes. No matter if you’re handling pharmaceuticals or very small items like surgical instruments, or if you want to tackle use cases in warehousing, retail, or shipping: We’ve got the right solution for you.

1D and 2D Barcodes

Scan 1D barcodes within 0.2 seconds

AR Overlay Scanner

Use our AR Overlay

Barcode Accuracy

98.7% accuracy

Scanbot SDK's Barcode Reader software for your business:

  • Intuitive interface with on-screen User Guidance
  • Precise scanning even under difficult conditions
  • Integration into your application or website in just a few hours
  • Fixed annual price, unlimited scanning and devices
  • Regular updates & support included
  • Broad range of covered 1D barcode types
  • Supports all common operating systems and development platforms
  • Real-time access to extracted information
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Scanbot SDK covers all common 1D codes

With its wide coverage of one- and two-dimensional barcode symbologies, the Scanbot Barcode Reader SDK helps you solve business problems in any industry, along every individual process chain. Replace expensive imager and laser scanners with cost-efficient state-of-the-art technology.

Enterprise-grade scanning features for linear barcodes – streamlined processes & first-class user experience

Working closely with our existing customers in various industries, we know what features enterprises expect from their 1D Barcode Scanning Software.

Scanning features

Single- and Multi Scan

Read information from a single barcode or several in one go


Adjust the Barcode Scanner to scan only certain barcodes

Capture from pictures

You can also extract data from existing images that contain barcodes

AR Overlay Scanner

AR Overlay

Preview the contents of multiple barcodes in real time

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