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GS1 DataBar Composite Code

The GS1 DataBar Composite Barcode combines two components: A primary barcode (bottom part) allows for item identification, while a secondary symbol (top part) encodes additional data like a batch number or expiration date. The primary barcode can use one of several GS1 symbologies, such as DatabarEAN, UPC-A, or GS1-128 , while the secondary symbol is a modified PDF417 or MicroPDF417 code.

Character support includes digits, letters, and specific special characters. For clarity, reader software automatically inserts a vertical bar separator after the primary data. The data capacity of the secondary component depends on its type.

  • Bidirectionally scannable
  • Bottom component has a check digit; top component uses built-in Reed-Solomon error correction
  • Standardized in ISO/IEC 24723

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