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EAN-13 & EAN-8 Code

EAN Barcode Scanner

The most important areas of application for EAN codes are retail, distribution, and warehousing. The EAN – short for European Article Number – is used to identify individual products, which can then be linked to quantities or prices in the store’s database. Since they can only store a limited amount of data, EAN codes are not suitable for the kind of complex information seen in ticketing or parcel shipping.

  • Used worldwide despite the name, except for North America, which uses the UPC standard.
  • Stores either 13 or 8 digits (EAN-13 vs. EAN-8), which encode a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number).
  • The last digit is a mod10 checksum.
  • EAN codes are defined as GS1 standards.

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The best option to replace outdated hardware scanners: Scanbot's EAN Scanner

With the Scanbot SDK, you can…

  • Scan UPC or EAN barcodes with smartphones
  • Cut costs for outdated hardware
  • Switch from dedicated scanners to smart multi-tools that talk directly to your systems
  • Easily scan EAN codes on the go
  • Cover all tasks around inventory management, storage, and orders with one device
  • Introduce interactive services like Scan & Go
  • Implement EAN scanning within a week – short time-to-value

How to read EAN barcodes with Scanbot SDK


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Launch the Scanbot SDK from anywhere in your app


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Hold your device over the barcode


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The SDK automatically reads and decodes the data in less than a second

Enhance your business process digitization with the Scanbot SDK’s cutting-edge features

  • Single- and multi-scan: Read information from a single UPC or EAN barcode or several in one go.
  • Filter: Adjust the Barcode Scanner to scan only certain barcodes.
  • Save the image: Effortlessly turn barcode scans into PDFs for storage or further processing in the backend.
  • Capture from pictures: Besides scanning barcodes with your device camera, you can also extract data from existing images that contain barcodes.
  • Accuracy: No more struggling with incorrect scan results, even if barcodes are badly lit, corrupted, or snapped at an angle.

Want to work with more than one barcode type? We have you covered: All common 1D and 2D barcodes can be extracted with the Scanbot SDK – one solution fits all!

Start into a new digital journey with first-in-class scanning functionalities – Why is Scanbot the perfect solution for you?

  • Quick integration: Implement our ready-to-use user interface within one week.
  • No limits! Unlimited installs and scans make our SDK the perfect option when MAU and scan volume are hard to estimate. Stick to the predetermined budget with our fair licensing model.
  • White-label solution: Adjust the ready-to-use components to match your Corporate Design.
  • Your data is safe with us! Because our solution works 100% offline, it’s compliant with any data privacy law.

Licensing designed for Enterprise customers

As an enterprise customer, you likely have high-volume barcode scanning needs, whether measured in users, app downloads, or individual scans. Since our SDK works fully offline, we never track any volume metrics. Hence, we charge an annual flat license fee for our solution. For you, this means that you’ll always know the exact cost up front, without worrying about usage statistics.
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No matter whether your app is used by your employees or your customers, you just want it to work – quickly and reliably. That’s why we have developed our Barcode Scanner SDK using machine-learning algorithms, which guarantees lightning-fast and accurate detection. At the same time, its coverage of barcode types is one of the widest out there. With this tool, we can help you solve business problems in any industry, along every individual process chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our FAQs.

What is an EAN barcode?

EAN barcodes encode article numbers. Initially, they stored only "European Article Numbers" (EANs). From 2009 onwards, EAN codes are also used to store GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers).

Is an EAN the same as a barcode?

EAN stands for "European Article Number" and is used to assign all European products with individual article numbers. The EAN barcode is used to encode these numbers. 

How do I find the EAN of a product?

A product's EAN can usually be found on its packaging, often in the back.