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Unique Device Identification Code (UDI barcode)

Unique Device Identification is a system to assign unique identifiers to medical devices. UDI is employed in the United States, Europe, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan.

For this, a one-dimensional or DataMatrix barcode on the medical item encodes information such as the serial number or expiry date. This ensures complete traceability along the supply chain, allows counterfeit detection, and prevents mix-ups of similar devices. Thus, UDI barcode marking maximizes patient safety.

  • Consists of device identifier and data like expiry date, lot number, and serial number
  • Barcodes defined by GS1 and HIBCC standards
  • Common usage: Medical field

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a UDI a barcode?

A UDI consists of a series of digits that can be encoded as a barcode. The barcode can then be read using a barcode scanner to avoid error-prone manual data entry.

Can QR codes be used for UDI?

Every barcode type capable of encoding the required number of digits comprising a UDI can be used, including QR codes.

How many digits is a UDI code?

The exact number of digits depends of the length of the individual parts of the UDI. You can expect around 35 digits.