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GS1 Data Matrix Barcode Scanner

GS1 Data Matrix Code

Due to its small size and large storage capacity, the GS1 Data Matrix code is one of the most frequently used 2D barcode types. It consists of black (on) and white (off) cells, with an L-shaped border defining the code’s orientation. Alternating patterns on the opposite sides enumerate rows and columns. GS1 Data Matrix Codes are read quickly and reliably even in poor lighting conditions.

This barcode type, certified as a GS1 standard, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and in the healthcare sector. On medicinal products, it encodes information like the batch number and expiration date and allows for tracing to prevent counterfeiting.

  • Max. amount of characters: 3116
  • Built-in Reed–Solomon error correction
  • ISO/IEC certification: ISO/IEC 16022
  • Common usage: Healthcare and manufacturing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GS1 Data Matrix?

The GS1 Data Matrix barcode is a substandard of the Data Matrix code, compliant with GS1 specifications. It is commonly used in healthcare to encode GTIN, lot number, expiry date, serial number, etc.

What is the difference between Data Matrix and QR codes?

Although they are both 2D symbologies, there are some significant differences between Data Matrix Codes and QR Codes. Data Matrix Codes can be recognized by their black, L-shaped border, hold a smaller data capacity, and are only used for certain types of product inventory. On the other hand, QR Codes have a much more comprehensive range of uses, as they can store more data. You can recognize them by the three prominent corner squares.

What are GS1 standards?

GS1 Standards are the world's most widely-used supply chain standards, defining rules for barcodes to unify their application across industries and companies for seamless processes. Enterprises can generate standardized barcodes in the GS1 US Data Hub.